What’s on the horizon for the cannabis industry in 2018? We asked Adelia Carrillo, Founder & CEO of Direct Cannabis Network, to share her perspective with a quick Q&A session.

Direct Cannabis Network is the leading digital B2B news network that highlights the latest tech, entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the cannabis industry. A dynamic thought leader, Adelia is building an inspiring and prominent voice in the world on the topic of cannabis entrepreneurship.

Q: How will legislative changes impact the cannabis startup community?

Legislative changes will impact every startup in the industry. How each company will be impacted however, will be drastically different. What I think we all need to remember is how this evolved into an industry and how we as entrepreneurs need to make sure we take a stand, and to listen to the growers in this industry. We need to make sure when we look at legislation, we use our voice to build an industry and a system that helps those who have been a part of this movement since before it evolved into an actual industry.

Q: What tech advances do you foresee on the horizon?

As we move into 2018, we are going to see an increase in ag-tech, tech, and consumer tech. Specifically towards the consumer tech, we are going to see more consumer products for the home. We’re starting to see more at-home grow systems that allow for patients and consumers to easily grow their own cannabis. However, growing is only once side of the spectrum.

We’re also seeing companies like Cannakorp launch products like the Wisp, which is a single-use pod and vaporizer system and another company called Levo Oil Infusions launch a kitchen appliance for infusing oil and butter with herbs at home. These companies are creating high-end modern day appliances that are modern, useful, not intimidating and can be placed right by your other consumer electronics and appliances. I believe this is just the beginning.

Q: Are there a handful of top standout companies you are watching?

To be honest, I try to stay up to date on as many cannabis companies as possible. I ran into a cannabis investor at an event and he made a comment on how he was impressed at how I was the only person he knew who was following almost every cannabis with an account on AngelList. However, there are a few cannabis companies I am watching that I’m particularly excited about:

Botana – Botana is a data analytics platform helping cannabis growers become more efficient and profitable.

EventHi – EventHi is an event management ticketing platform catering to cannabis events.

Loto Labs – Loto Labs has built the first Smart Vape powered by Induction called the Loto Lux.

Levo Oil – LEVO is a kitchen appliance for infusing oil and butter with herbs at home.

Magic-Flight – Inventors of the Launch Box & Muad-Dib portable vaporizers for herbs & concentrates.

BuddingTech – BuddingTech is a medical cannabis accelerator in Australia, they identify and commercialize industry beneficial projects and invest resources into developing these concepts for the Australian medical cannabis pharmaceutical industry.

Q: What area of the industry are you most personally passionate about?

There are many areas that drive my passion each day, but the two that really pushed me to build a network like DCN are innovative tech and the entrepreneurs themselves. I consider myself a tech geek, so when looking at innovative technology I enjoy seeing how these ideas, products and concepts being built for the cannabis industry may also be able to benefit other industries, while also providing strong pillars that increase the education around cannabis.

When it comes to the entrepreneurs, it is their “why” that fuels me, and I believe that is something we cannot forget as we become an industry. We need to remind everyone each and every day of the “why”. We need to keep talking about why people have risked their lives for generations around a plant, why parents and loved ones are risking their freedom, and why entrepreneurs have decided to leave what they once knew as a career, so that we remind everyone of the value around this plant that is changing so many lives each day.

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