Warp speed? When it comes to cannabis, we’ve gone into “ludicrous speed!”)

Who’s to thank? Well, for one, big-name tech investors. They are pouring millions into new developments, from cannabis-infused skin patches to methods of vaporizing and software to help businesses operate more efficiently from seed to sale. Here’s just a few that our team at Weedguide predict will take root in 2018:

Consumer Apps


Want to explore the benefits of marijuana, but not too excited about trekking to the doctor’s office? EazeMD gives you a virtual video consultation with a real doctor for $19 (exclusively for California residents right now, but soon to expand.) It’s private and secure. Once you’ve got your card, Eaze will deliver your stash directly to your doorstep. Now that’s out of this world!


Sure, you could ask your budtender about which strains are best for you. But why head to the dispensary when you can find everything you need at the palm of your hand? Apps like PotBot promise to help you the perfect strain for you by scouring a through database of over 750 strains. Craving a little Alien Rock Candy? How about Mr. Nice or White Widow? PotBot has just the recommendation for you.


Netflix and Chill? With millions of downloads, this app could be just the cure for a lot of lonely hearts out there. This 420-friendly dating site matches potential couples based on their smoking preferences. More of an outdoor concert and edibles kind of a guy? Or how about a romantic wine and cannabis pairing? Go ahead, the perfect someone could be waiting for you right around the corner…


Lighting & Grow Systems


For both consumers and commercial marijuana cultivators, LED lighting is one of the hottest advancements out there (no pun intended!). It offers the ability to customize light spectrums and can be used for flexible applications such as strip lights and multi-color bulbs. They have become immensely popular as of late due to their ability to create great yields while staying cool and keeping your electricity budget reasonable. One of the top innovators in the market, Heliospectra says products like its E60 shine brighter, lasts longer and cover more distance than other lights.


For the ambitious home grower, Leaf is a plug-n-plant automatic Cannabis system. It’s a 4′ x 2′ box that fits two plants, which will yield between 4-5 ounces of weed. For the green thumbs out there, you can also raise tomatoes, basil, spinach, strawberries, wheatgrass and more. It monitors everything that your plants need, including light, ventilation, nutrient levels and pH of the soil. And we weren’t kidding about Warp Speed technology…Leaf’s LED lamp was custom-made for the company by agricultural lighting researchers at NASA. Featuring an internal HD time lapse camera, you can control Leaf with your iPhone or Android and monitor growth daily.


Seed to Sale Technology

Because of the unique challenges of doing business in the cannabis industry, another crop of companies offering solutions are those helping with operations and business management. It’s a brave new world out there, led by industry pioneers working together to create a more efficient cannabis ecosystem.

Flowhub is a point of sale software that tracks inventory, increasing visibility and efficiencies.

Greenbits puts the spotlight on customer loyalty with software that enhances customer experience and personalization.

To navigate the ins and outs of doing business in a heavily regulated industry, companies such as BiotrackTHC and Kind Financial help marijuana related businesses, governments and financial institutions monitor cannabis compliance.

What else will be coming on the horizon in 2018 and beyond? The future is bright for cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, and for now it seems the sky is the limit!

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Sarah is Weedguide’s Chief Marketing Officer. When she’s not spreading the word about Weedguide, Sarah can usually be found hiking through a National Park or enjoying a local craft beer.