The mark of a good entrepreneur? Someone who can turn a frustration into an opportunity to disrupt an industry. While working as a budtender at a dispensary in Aspen, Ryan Sterling saw firsthand the daily struggles of trying to complete a simple but essential task: updating TV screens with product menus and other information. An idea was born, and the result was GreenScreens.

With a vision of creating something useful for the industry, Ryan moved to Boulder along with his partner Martin to join the Canopy Accelerator program. The results were astonishing: In less than 16 weeks, they were able to get into nearly 40 dispensaries, and the growth trajectory hasn’t stopped yet. Since they’ve started, they’ve never lost a client, and 20% of their business has come from locations with an existing digital signage solution.

What’s the driving force behind their success? According to Ryan, “We realized our system isn’t just a digital advertising board. It’s designed around the concept of helping dispensaries make more money. Think about the menu boards you see in Whole Foods. They’re not trying to tell you the price, they’re trying to sell you the pumpkin latte. It’s about maximizing sales and improving customer experience. When walking into a dispensary, people are excited but nervous. It’s important to create an environment that makes them feel comfortable so budtenders can break the ice, guide them and give them something to talk about.”

For smaller dispensaries that have capital constraints, GreenScreens offers a brand-supported model. Those locations get 50% of the screen time for menus and company branding, and the other time is dedicated to advertisers. There are 15+ advertising partners currently including Willie’s Reserve, Kief Cola, Open Vape, Stillwater, Dipstick, and more coming on board every day. Not surprisingly, cannabis companies aren’t the only ones recognizing the potential of reaching this niche audience. Recently, GreenScreens made history by being the first company to feature political advertising on its network, helping reach this highly targeted and desirable group.

For dispensaries who have more sophisticated needs (and budget), even more options are available. With the help of GreenScreens, they have the ability to set a 5-10 minute content loop to feature anything they want, educating and entertaining customers waiting in line to see the budtender.

Like with any great idea, there are always other competitors popping up. But rather than seeing that as a challenge, Ryan has taken the unique approach of collaboration.  After meeting CCTV CEO Danny Keith at New West summit, he realized they both fulfill a unique need in the market. They’ve now joined forces, with GreenScreens providing screens and CCTV offering native programmatic content. Says Ryan, “We all need to work together to make this industry grow, and that’s something we’re dedicated to doing.”

What’s next for GreenScreens? “Our future lies in closing the loop of customer behavior. We’ve got lots of cool technology in the works, including integration with dispensary POS systems, the ability to auto-populate menus based on inventory levels, eye tracking and more,” says Ryan. This will allow GreenScreens to gather valuable information for both advertisers and dispensaries, helping them understand the flow of store and optimize product sales.  “Our goal is to make things as efficient as possible so we can truly show ROI for one of the first times in the industry.”

GreenScreens is growing fast. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity to engage and be a part of this emerging market, visit

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