When Randy Shipley’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, Randy started getting her cannabis to help her sleep. Soon enough, he was growing cannabis in his closet. As he expanded his knowledge about cannabis cultivation, VividGro caught his attention. Launched in 2014, VividGro is a division of Lighting Science Group, a leader in advanced applications of LED technology. The team consists of former NASA engineers and industry experts, who have developed a portfolio of nearly 400 patents of proprietary technology.

Randy is no stranger to breaking new ground in emerging industries. He was in charge of revenue attainment at Carrier Access Corporation, helping to take the telecom from pre-IPO to a $2 Billion NASDAQ traded company. He founded CrowdFund Connect, the first active white label crowdfunding site, and was part of the team that launched venture fund MJIC Inc.

As Randy remembers, “I saw this really cool light. At the time, we didn’t know if it could grow cannabis at all.” The light he’s referring to is the VividGro® GroBar™ LED Linear Luminaire: powerful, lightweight, energy efficient with extremely low heat.

On the whole, LED grow lighting has surpassed HID lighting in terms of reliability, spectral quality, energy efficiency, and total operating costs.

But as grower himself, Randy still felt challenged. “I don’t care how much power I save if Iose yield,” he says. “Unless you give me the same yield or better, I have no interest.”

Always a visionary, when Randy saw the GroBar he realized the potential for improving strength and vigor of cannabis during the vegetative stage, rather than the flowering stage.

Vegetative (or veg) cycles can be anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on how big you are growing plants before flowering. The flower cycle is always the same regardless of what you do with lights, nutrients, etc.  With the GroBar, you can maximize the value of the light that cannabis plants are getting early in their life span without risking your flower crop at all.

According to Randy, “During the veg stage we can make plants grow bigger, faster and stronger. We can increase number of plants you can take into flower. We’re bringing in stronger plants with stocks that don’t bend or break and stem systems that can support uptake of all nutrients and water.”

The GroBar got its nickname as the “Coolest light in cannabis” because the heat dissipates so well that you can literally take your hand and wrap it around the tube. Because the lights aren’t as hot, they can also get closer to the plants and create more uniformity.

“We’ve figured out we’re cutting 25% off the time it takes to veg and we’re vegging stronger, more vigorous plants. Growers we’ve tested it with are loving it!”

The GroBar will be available through hydrostores and distributors. Find out more by visiting www.vividgro.com.

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