You know that tender, flavorful meat you sometimes get at an amazing local joint and think, “I could never make something like this at home”? Now you can – and, when you infuse it with CBD isolate it’s a great way to enjoy delicious food while you dine with friends, relax or medicate.

In this video Chef Brandon Allen will show you how to braise, which is his favorite cooking technique. Think of braising as the original “slow cooker”. Once you understand the basic procedures of braising, you can braise a variety of meats without even having to worry about following a recipe! Sear the meat, sweat some vegetables, add a liquid, throw it in the oven and go about your business!

Ingredients for this recipe:

– 1 Pork Shoulder
– 1 Bell Pepper
– 1 Onion
– 8 Cloves of Garlic
– 1 qt. Vegetable Stock or Water
– ½ c Red Wine (optional)
– 1 bundle of fresh thyme
– S&P to Taste
– CBD Isolate
– Avocado Oil or other high heat oil


1: Small dice or julienne your vegetables. Traditionally, mire poix (2 parts onion, 1 part carrot, 1 part celery) is what’s used in a braise, but you can use any variety of vegetables, including onion, pepper, celery, carrot, and garlic, or just spices and water if you want to keep it cheap and easy!

2: Peel Garlic cloves, keep whole or mince

3: Cut pork shoulder into 4-5 pieces so you can fit it all into your pan. You can also braise with beef or chicken if you wish!

4: Coat pork with avocado oil and lightly salt

5: Bring stainless steel or cast-iron pan to a medium high heat with oil

6: Sear each piece of pork on all sides until you have a beautiful, golden-brown color on the meat

– Use a high heat oil, like avocado oil, that won’t break down and smoking during the searing process

– The searing or browning of the meat doesn’t “lock in the juices”, that’s a myth, instead it aids in layering more and more flavor into the braise.

7: Remove meat from the pan and set aside to rest on a sheet tray

8: Add the vegetables and cook for 2-3 minutes

9: Deglaze the pan

– Deglazing is when you add a liquid to a hot pan, which releases all of the “fond” or flavorful brown bits of meat that are stuck to the bottom of the pan after searing.

– If you use wine, reduce it “au sec” which means almost dry, or until you can draw a line down the center of the pan and the liquid doesn’t fill in the gap.

10: Return pork to the pan and add enough stock or water to just cover the pork

– Feel free to add other flavoring agents like thyme, rosemary, or spices. Remember, don’t salt the braise until the very end of reducing your braising liquid, otherwise it’ll be very salty!

11: Bring your braising liquid to a simmer and then cover with foil or a lid

12: Put entire pan in a 350 degree oven. Cook time should be about 2 hours for chicken, 3-4 hours for pork or beef.

13: Remove the meat from the pan and pull or shred with two forks

– Discard stems from herbs if you put any into the braise as a flavor enhancer.

14: Strain the vegetables out of the braising liquid mix them back into the meat if desired

15: Simmer braising liquid (not boil) to reduce down by at least half, then season to taste. You can add a roux or slurry (corn starch or arrowroot starch) to thicken if needed. You can also whisk in very cold butter cubes into the braising liquid, which will thicken it and provide an amazing buttery texture.

16: Add desired amount of CBD Isolate or you can also blend an infused THC oil into the reduced braising liquid. Note: If you blend an oil with the braising liquid while it is still hot, pressure will build up in your blender and when you open the lid it may shoot out some hot steamy braising liquid which isn’t fun! Cover your blender lid with a towel before you open it or use an immersion blender. Blender for 20-30 seconds on high to emulsify the oil.

17: Mix your CBD/THC infused braising liquid back in with the meat and vegetables

18: Serve as-is or make into tacos, sandwiches and more. Enjoy!

We hope you LOVE this amazing recipe. Want more? Check out Episode 1 – Knife Skills to Prep Like a Pro: Weedguide’s Cooking with Cannabis Series with Chef Brandon Allen to learn safe knife skills to help you with all of your cannabis cooking.

Sarah is Weedguide’s Chief Marketing Officer. When she’s not spreading the word about Weedguide, Sarah can usually be found hiking through a National Park or enjoying a local craft beer.