Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer and all I can think about is the barbecues. Few things get me in summertime mode like lounging in the sun with good friends and a packed cooler as meat and veg sizzle on the grill. I’m attending a friend’s get-together this year and while I’d normally bring my incredible homemade guacamole (it’s all about the chili powder), I’m thinking edibles might add something extra to the long weekend. So here at Weedguide, we’ve put together this menu of tasty cannabis-infused drinks and eats perfect for bringing a little elevation to any cookout.


Cloud Espresso Beans

Set the tone by handing your guests a low-dose treat the moment they arrive.   These Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans from Cloud Confections contain 2mg of THC each, delivering just enough euphoria to ease into the party. And newbies aren’t the only ones who’ll appreciate the lower dose – the cannassuers in your squad who want to get more lit can have a few.

Yummi Karma Chips

Every barbecue needs chips, and this assortment of kettle-cooked potato and tortilla chips from Yummi Karma add an element of infusion to your favorite dips and salsas. With a variety of flavors including sriracha and sour cream & onion potato chips, nacho cheese and zesty ranch tortilla chips, plus 50 mg of THC per bag, it will be hard to eat just one – which is why eating only half the bag will give you a full dose.


Legal Beverage

It’s customary to offer everyone alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, so why not include a third option? Legal by Mirth Provisions is a collection of all-natural sparkling fruit tonics that have been infused with cannabis. They come in 5 refreshing flavors including pomegranate, lemon ginger and cranberry and are split between indica, sativa, hybrid and THC + CBD so you can choose your own elevated adventure.

Somatik Coffee

When you find yourself slipping into a food coma after your third helping of potato salad, a sip of Somatik Coffee is sure to snap you out of it. This cold brew single-origin coffee has been infused with cannabis to deliver some uplift and an energy boost just in time for another plate of ribs.


Pot 'd Huile

A little enhancement never hurt nobody, right? A bottle of cannabis infused olive oil from Pot d’Huile is an easy way for guests to add some low-dose excitement to their plates. It’s great for dressing a salad, drizzling on grilled veggies or just having a dish of it on the side for dipping. At 1 milligram of THC for every 1 milligram of olive oil, reliable dosing meets deliciousness.

Golden Goddess Hot Sauce

For the folks who like their spice, Golden Goddess Medicated Hot Sauce packs a sweet, smoky flavor boost along with a hint of heat. If you eat ghost peppers for breakfast every morning this won’t set your world (or your mouth) on fire, but at 100mg of THC per bottle, expect a nice buzzy high after a few doses. Amazing on tacos!


The variety of sweet edibles available in the market is astronomical, but not everyone wants to experience the 6-8 hour high that accompanies them.

Jenny's Kitchen Brownie Mix

Baked At Home Company’s Brownie Mix lets you make homemade brownies that have been infused with full-spectrum hemp oil. There’s no THC, so you reap the benefits from all of the cannabinoids present in hemp without the high. Finally, brownies that are good for you!

Mind Tricks Toffee

For guests wanting to end their meal on a high note, Mind Trick Bonfire S’mores pack a lot of yumminess in every piece with barely an herbal taste. These low-dose beauties contain just 10mg of THC per piece, making them a perfect way to wind things down without the couch lock.

Or Make Your Own

mint julep with cbd cocktail

Experimenting with your own medicated edibles is simple and can be done multiple ways. Simply add infused products to a dish – crumble some infused tortilla chips onto the top of a casserole, or make a punch using a cannabis beverage. Add a dose of tincture to fresh made cocktails or your favorite store-bought salsa. And while you can likely purchase infused butter and oil from your local dispensary, making your own is really fun and surprisingly easy.

Whatever ultimately winds up on the menu, be sure to tell your guests what’s medicated so there are no surprises. And from us to you, have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!

Featured Photo Courtesy of: Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.