I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Purple Cadillac because it’s one of my favorite bedtime strains. We grew it in last year’s harvest and since I’m usually knocked out after seshing with it, I knew this review would be the perfect chance for me to truly explore the strain. When I looked up the strain to research basic information, I realized that what I call Purple Cadillac may actually be more commonly known as Cadillac Purple.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from taking a jaunt with Purple Cadillac, it’s this: who cares?

The Smoking Experience

Purple Cadillac is a mostly indica hybrid mix of The Black, Blackbetty Kush, and Purple Urkle that can weigh heavy on the THC. Word has it that as much as 29% THC has been found in a test sample of this strain, so it has the potential to be highly potent depending on your tolerance.

After about four solid days of waking up at 5:45am every morning to finish up projects before I head out of town (I’m going to Jamaica on vacation because of this), I knew I could use a little help decompressing. I ended one especially taxing day with a much-needed workout and when I got home, packed the bong and got down to business. When my sesh buddy and I took in the smoke, we picked up notes of pine and citrus as well as a subtle earthiness that Mr. McMillan said reminded him of “a nice hike”.

Purple Cadillac Effects

I was a little chatty at first which was surprising, so the sativa did work its magic some. But it wasn’t long after that indica was running the show, so I decided to take a hot shower to ease my tired body and mind even further. To say I felt relaxed is an understatement; all of the day’s stress melted down my muscles and into the drain thanks to Purple Cadillac. When we sat down to eat the casserole Mr. M made for dinner, I nearly lost my mind over how delicious the food was. He’s a great cook and the herb was a perfect compliment – talk about putting the mmmm in umami.

As the evening progressed I was soon settling into bedtime. Even the TV became more than I wanted to deal with, so I put on my headphones and a playlist, then headed to bed around 10:30. The headphones were off and put away by 10:45 and I slept like a well-fed baby. I awoke the next day feeling rested and refreshed.

What’s Purple Cadillac Good For?

This strain is for relaxation, pure and simple. Sore muscles, aches, pains, inflammation – Purple Cadillac would be great for all of it. Naturally, it’s amazing for nights when you need help sleeping but because it’s such an effective sedative, I’m not sure you want to try socializing at a big event with it. However, I can certainly see it being helpful for anxiety and that little bit of mental uplift would definitely help ease depression.

Have you tried Purple Cadillac, or Cadillac Purple for that matter? Post comments on our Instagram feed telling us what you think about it!

Featured photo courtesy of: Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.