Whether you’re a self-proclaimed stoner or a newbie still figuring out this whole weed thing, the great outdoors can be hugely inspirational when considering ways to integrate cannabis into your lifestyle. Flowers in bloom, warm weather and blue skies attract everyone after a cold harsh winter, but cannabis’ varying effects on the body and the multiple ways it can be consumed present tremendous opportunity to experience being outside in new and different ways. Here’s our take on ways we think cannabis can make the great outdoors, well, a little bit greater.

Take a hit & get ready for adventure

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: cannabis enhances pretty much everything, from everyday chores to the most epic of experiences. THC is the cannabinoid behind the euphoria, offering a perfect complement to watching a beautiful sunset or boosting your focused meditation during an outdoor yoga class. Whether you’re taking a walk in the neighborhood, going to an outdoor concert or headed on a weekend camping excursion try smoking, vaping, dabbing or eating an edible to see how that changes the experience for you. Cannabis can help your mind become more open and may help foster greater appreciation for what you’re seeing, smelling and feeling while also keeping you relaxed and stress-free.

Keep it mellow by microdosing

At Weedguide, we love microdosing because it’s a way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis all day without being overwhelmed by the euphoria, sleepiness or paranoia that can accompany larger doses of THC. Take a low-dose edible or tincture right before going on a hike, a run or even walking the dog and you’ll feel more elevated within the hour. Maybe the light euphoria helps you notice and appreciate the foliage you walk past during your hike, or reduced anxiety could mean you’re more willing to chat with other humans and their pups at the dog park. And because microdosing is an effective way to manage pain throughout the day, an injury or sore muscles don’t have to be a deterrent from getting outside and moving.

Opt for CBD and skip the high

CBD’s ability to reduce pain, inflammation and nausea among other ailments without the user experiencing a high is why we can’t stop talking about it. I enjoy occasionally taking it before my workouts to help me focus and power through my exercise while proactively reaping the benefits of pain mitigation. While CBD’s properties can be helpful when engaging in vigorous outdoor activities like bike riding or training for a marathon, its abilities as an anti-depressant and anti-oxidant help highlight the positive even when you’re still and sitting around a bonfire with friends. Learn more about CBD.

Strains that are great for the outdoors

Sour Diesel

This beloved sativa strain’s pungent aroma features hints of citrus and diesel, but its effects are what it’s known for: the high comes on quickly and produces a dreamy, mind expanding impact that lingers. Sour Diesel is an uplifting strain that makes you think, a natural fit for outdoor activities ranging from hiking to watching the sunset.


This sativa-dominant hybrid possesses a high ratio of CBD to THC, some say as much as 22 times, making it an ideal strain for anyone looking to enjoy their outdoor experience without the euphoria. ACDC is a funky, earthy strain that fosters concentration and socializing while also delivering pain relief with little to no psychoactive effects, making it an ideal strain for vigorous outdoor activities like running and biking.

Super Sour OG

This 50/50 hybrid strain features a sour flavor with hints of berry and is perfectly balanced between blissed out and carefree. With effects that are as productive as they are giggle producing, Super Sour OG offers a psychoactive middle ground that uplifts as well as relaxes, making it great for activities like camping or playing outdoor sports.

Before you go outside, keep in mind…

Choose a strain suited to the occasion. If you’re engaging in physical activity an indica strain may be too relaxing, just as sativa may be too stimulating for meditation. When in doubt, I like to go with a hybrid.

It might be illegal to smoke in public. Even if cannabis is recreationally legal in your state, it’s very likely you can’t smoke on public property. And its status as a Schedule 1 drug means bringing cannabis to Federal land like a national park is a definite no-no.

THC effects coordination and concentration. If engaging in an activity that requires some skill, your performance may be impacted by cannabis. This also includes driving, so be mindful of needing to eventually get home safely and take the necessary measures anytime you’re medicating while outdoors.

Start low, go slow. You can’t always predict how you may be affected by being high and out in public. I have found out the hard way that being really high and in a large crowd is definitely not my thing. Starting low means working your way up with the dose and the activity. Before medicating all weekend while camping with 10 people you’ve never met work you way up by taking short walks in your neighborhood after enjoying your favorite strain.

Featured photo courtesy of: Zach Betten on Unsplash

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