We fell in love with her the moment we laid eyes on her that fateful day two months ago. Her intricately spun blown glass swirled with black and green. A translucent spiral coiled down her body. Her scalloped base was ample enough to withstand even the clumsiest indulgences. She was a majestic creature straight out of a George R.R. Martin fever dream, and she was our new bong.

We call her The Staff of Kahleesi.

While I happen to appreciate the classic smoking experience that a bong delivers, a lot of cannasseurs are trading their pipes and papers for higher end adventures. And who can blame them? Since taking cannabis is more widely accepted than ever, patients and cannafans don’t have to channel their ingenuity into making homemade apparatus out of plastic bottles or pieces of fruit. As with cooking and sex, cool accessories can actually add a little flair to your smoking experience. Here are some ways you can jazz up your next sesh.

Pipes, Bongs & Beyond

While knowing how to convert an apple into a bong comes in handy, for flower lovers who prefer to let the experts do all the innovating, there’s tons of functional smoking gear that also looks incredible on your coffee table.

As alternatives to joint and blunts – pipes, bongs and bubblers provide what many consider to be a more luxurious, cleaner smoking experience. There’s no shortage of stunning gear made by artisans in a number of creative form factors – using a variety of materials including ceramics, wood, metal and glass. This one from KGB Glass is absolutely number one on my Wish List right now…


If concentrates are more your thing, treat yourself to a higher end oil rig, nail or torch and see how that amplifies things.

Vaping is another alternative for people looking to get away from combustible flower and paper. Vape pens are versatile, portable and everywhere, but there are lots of ways to upgrade. Dosist pens deliver a precise, targeted dose with every puff, while PAX offers portable dual-purpose vaporizers for the cannasseur who wants to switch between flower and concentrates. Or, if portability and discreetness aren’t concerns, unearth a classic like the Volcano vaporizer.

The point is, trying a new way of smoking your cannabis can go a long way to enhance the overall experience. If you normally use a dry pipe or one hitter, see what happens when you switch to a water pipe. If your equipment has seen better days, replace it with something with improved features.

Stash with Class

Save those Ziplocs and brown paper bags for lunchtime – now you can make storing or carrying your cannabis chic. The stash jar has evolved from a nondescript glass or plastic container, to beautiful stash jars made from UV-blocking glass to temperature controlled wooden humidors from Cannador specifically built for cannabis.

When it’s time to hit the road and you want to bring your stash, bags and pouches from brands like StashLogix and Annabis deliver the fashion as much as the function. In addition to looking good, they protect your weed from getting crushed and have odor protection to keep mouths from watering over the telltale scent of OG Kush when you’re at the gym.

Basics That Aren’t, Well, Basic

Maybe for you a joint is like an uncomplicated, reliable old friend. Even if you prefer to keep things more traditional with joints, spliffs and blunts, there are plenty of ways to take things up a notch.

Get ready to roll in style with these extravagant paper and cones from Shine Papers made from 24K gold. Plus, ditch the gas station lighter for something with more flare.

It’s time to replace the grinder you’ve had since college, so brace yourself for an expansive universe of grinder options, ranging from credit card-sized (like this Weedguide exclusive we handed out at Hempfest last year) to electronic grinders that do the work for you.

And stop the sogginess insanity. Instead of rolling your own filters, invest in joint tips to keep things from getting waterlogged during a sesh with friends. While you’re at it, if you’re like me and don’t have the natural skill and patience required for joint rolling, pick up a rolling machine that’ll help you do it right.

Don’t Forget The Headshop

Brands like Marley Naturals, Elevated Accessories, Tetra and others may be emerging as one-stop ecommerce solutions for all things cannabis lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore brick and mortar headshops. If you’re fortunate enough to have a headshop in your area, pay them a visit to experience products firsthand. Ask questions from a real person whose job it is to understand features and explain differences, and who has probably been answering questions like yours for years. You’ll not only receive pretty decent customer service and pricing, but you’re also buying local. Our Staff of Khaleesi came from a headshop within walking distance from our home in Oakland.

Cannabis is all about intention. That’s why it’s worth occasionally saving your pennies and splurging on tools that add to your enjoyment and deliver the best possible experience.

You and your herb deserve it.


Featured photo credit: Web Urbanist

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.