How to roll a joint

I’m terrible at rolling joints by hand. Whenever I try to do it I wind up with a sad, flimsy little doobie that can barely hold in its contents, let alone withstand a puff and a pass without falling apart. I write about weed for a living so, you know…it’s kind of embarrassing.

Even though I have rollers and my spouse to get the job done, I decided it’s time I went back to some joint rolling basics. Lucky for me, the Internet is bursting with content focused on teaching the world how to roll a joint successfully through a variety of methods. So I used Weedguide search to track down some of the best how-to’s and video tutorials out there. If you don’t know how to roll a joint or your technique could use a little work, here’s everything you (and I) need to know to start rolling like a pro.


Rolling a joint requires patience, which is precisely why I fail every time. Once I’ve selected my cannabis strain and ground my weed, I’m so ready to sesh that hand rolling suddenly feels too complex and I get frustrated with the process almost immediately. Here’s where I go wrong…

• My joints are either overstuffed or not stuffed enough. I call this “Goldilocking” (just made that up but I’m keeping it).

• When rolling the joint between my fingers to evenly distribute the herb, I spill weed everywhere.

• Tucking in the paper to initiate the rolling process never quite pans out right, basically ruining the joint’s construction from the start.

• At the end of it all, my joint winds up being loose and wimpy.


My search yielded lots of results, and here are some of my favorite video tutorials on the delicate art of joint rolling:

This super short video from Weedmaps does a great job of showing us the basics of joint rolling:

This incredibly charming tutorial from (brought to us by online headshop Billowby) does a great job of making things look easy.

In this video, MastahRolla shows us how to use a credit card to help form the perfect joint.

This tutorial from demonstrates how helpful a dollar bill can be for getting that optimal roll going.

And of course, if you have nothing to prove and are at peace with your inability to roll a joint 100% by hand, here’s a great tutorial from on how to use a roller.


I decided I needed to focus on the basics first before taking things to the next level with credit cards and dollar bills, so I set up my cannabis mise en place –tray, papers, a couple of grinders including my little Weedguide card, a cut-out piece of an index card for my filter/crutch, and some freshly ground Invader – and watched the shortest tutorial in the bunch.

After rolling up my crutch I assembled my joint on the tray…

Stuff joint on tray

And got to rolling with the glue side of the paper facing up and towards me…

Joint roll close

The result?

Final rolled joint

I know, I know…I’ll keep practicing.

What is your joint rolling technique? Let us know on Instagram in the comments!

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.