Any cannabis connoisseur will tell you that weed enhances pretty much everything. Movies are more hilarious, meals taste more amazing, and conversations range anywhere from deeper to wackier when cannabis is your companion.

But all this fanfare about cannabis’ ability to make a fun activity even more delightful doesn’t cover the vast majority of our lives. You know, those times when we have to clean out our inboxes, go through bills, attend meetings, get chores done. When navigating through the minutiae of daily life, cannabis can make even the most mundane task a little bit more interesting.

When you consume cannabis, chemical compounds called cannabinoids interact with CB1 receptors in the brain – which address memory, appetite, mood, and pain among others – and CB2 receptors, which address the body’s immune system. Effects like euphoria and stimulated appetite come as a result of the cannabinoids changing the body’s system, which is why no two of us experiences the same strain in the same way.

When I bring cannabis into an activity, my intention is to invite changes to my system and see how differently I process that experience as a result.

From Mundane to Fun, Yay!

I’m a woman on-the go managing freelance life and a bustling household comprised of my husband, two shockingly demanding cats and myself. Neither of us has a traditional Monday through Friday work schedule, and because I work primarily from home I tend to get distracted when it’s time to do stuff around the apartment. As I have continued exploring my relationship with cannabis and trying different strains with intention, I’ve discovered that a sativa-dominant hybrid (Zelly’s Gift is my favorite at the moment) is the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of chores:


The mental stimulation that kick starts after I consume a hybrid or sativa strain helps me tackle vacuuming with incredible focus. Crumbs and cat fur? No problem. The fuzzballs that my favorite sweatpants leave on the carpet? Got ‘em. With the help of cannabis, I actually want to lift the couch cushions and get up in there.

Changing sheets

A California King takes up so much real estate that refreshing the bedding is practically cardio. With cannabis, navigating the expanse of the mattress is more fun than usual – less walking around, more crawling across. Plus if I’m lucky, it inevitably turns into a game of parachute with the cats.

Making a snack

My cooking skills are basic at best, but when I consume cannabis and get a hankering for a snack I feel like I’m on a cooking competition. The creative boost helps me transform a couple of pieces of mortadella, some cheese and a few overripe cherry tomatoes into the most succulent antipasti platter ever made… or so my heightened sense of taste tells me.

Cleaning the litterbox

Ok cannabis can only do so much here, but it does help me be more thorough while the euphoria definitely makes things more bearable.


Make It Work

I am continually looking for ways to test the limits of my creativity, and have found cannabis to be helpful to my work life in some interesting ways:


With a hybrid strain, the sativa gives me that mental stimulation to come up with all kinds of ideas, while the indica eases any anxiety I feel about whether or not any of them are good. My mind feels open and less inhibited during the process, making it easier and more fun to “come up” with something and get it on the page.

Doing research

Writing about cannabis means I’m regularly digging into a lot of articles, many of them pretty heavy on the science. When I need to do research for an article but my brain feels a little tired, an uplifting strain helps me re-energize, gain focus, and head down the rabbit hole.


I’m a writer, which means I don’t always like to talk. But I’m also an entrepreneur so meeting people is a necessity. Networking events are constants in my life, as is the anxiety I sometimes feel before doing them, and microdosing has been a lifesaver in these instances. A little daytime tincture or low-dose hybrid candy helps ease the butterflies and helps me relax.

Know Your Limits

Cannabis can enhance many things, but it can also impair. Concentration and coordination are just two areas impacted by cannabis, and for that reason I don’t even try consuming cannabis with these activities:


Legal states like California are working to define the rules around stoned driving, but no one should ever drive impaired. So if I’m out and indulging, it’s all about the Lyft home.


I barely understand Excel when I’m not high. As much as I would love to be euphoric while managing my books, not one strain in my arsenal has helped me achieve this.


I’m a little disappointed to say that everything I write when I smoke has turned out the next day to be utter nonsense. I’m determined to end this curse however, so the experimenting shall continue!

I love seeing how cannabis makes the most banal task a little more fun. How does cannabis enhance your everyday chores?

Featured photo by: Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.