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We’ve shared with you our top reasons why we think growing cannabis at home is pretty awesome. From saving money by not having to buy from a dispensary to growing herb free from pesticides and contaminants – whatever your motivation, fewer things are more satisfying than growing your own cannabis. While it’s no secret that cultivating isn’t an easy job, we’ve discovered that there are plenty of tools out there to help even the greenest cultivators have a successful grow. Whether you’re looking to give the home grower in your life a gift to aid their cultivation efforts, or can use a few tools for your own home operation, here are some cool items we think are worth trying out.

Grow at home


No matter a home grower’s experience level – complete amateur, horticultural hobbyist or master cultivator – you won’t go wrong by giving them a good quality, reliably-sourced clone. A clone is a starter cannabis plant that has been identified as female and as a particular strain, enabling the grower to get the planting party started right away. If your state allows home cultivation, visit a local dispensary to get good quality clones from suppliers who know their stuff.

happy-frog soilSet your weed cultivating friend up for success by giving them a bag of dirt! Or more specifically, some nutrient-rich soil like Happy Frog Potting Soil, which will help her establish the optimal environment for their plants.



Once a home grow is set up, it’s all about maintenance. Cannabis plants need frequent monitoring, which is why good nutrients like these from Advanced Nutrients are perfect for helping address issues like ph balance at every stage of the growth cycle.

Bloom growing at home

MagnifierCultivators need to keep a close eye on their plants to make sure mold and mites aren’t wreaking havoc and to see how the trichomes are coming along. This is the perfect job for a good magnifier. A jeweler’s loupe like this one from Dreame magnifies by up to 60X and has an LED light built in so you can find and clear out those spider mites before they cause damage.

A pocket microscope like the Carson Microbite Plus magnifies even more – up to 120X! – which means nothing will get past the home grower with this on their toolbelt.


Harvest means you’re weeks away from enjoying that homegrown herb, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Trimming the plants is a pretty time-consuming process that slows down dramatically when the tools (literally) don’t cut it. These non-stick trimming scissors from Happy Hydro have rubber grip handles for comfort, a built-in safety lock for storage, and teflon blades that perform even on the stickiest of plants. Find more trimming scissors here.

For our grows in the past, we’ve had to use a makeshift clothesline out of twine to hang our plants in a spare room. So imagine my delight when I came across this decorative herb drying rack, a far more attractive way to get the job done.

Gorw at home rack

Once your favorite home grower has finished all that hard work and their buds are ready for storage, they’ll need to protect their stash from moisture, humidity and dryness. Hook them up with a supply of Boveda packets, which provide 2-way humidity control that really works. We swear by these!

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