Alaska isn’t the first place you’d expect to be the headquarters of a cannabis tourism company, but that’s where Fairbanks resident Justine Baker found her inspiration for Located a frigid 120 miles South of the Arctic Circle, Fairbanks is most known for its tourism draw of extreme athletes. Now, there are 15+ active marijuana growers in the area.

Having worked in technology startups for years, Justine saw an opportunity help cannabis enthusiasts find places to stay where they feel welcome in legalized states and countries around the world.

“This new economy is growing quickly, but there are still stereotypes out there. For medicinal users especially, it’s important to know if where you’re staying is vape or smoke-friendly. You want to be around likeminded people. You want a host who can provide information about where to get your card, dispensary locations, local laws, and be a valuable resource.”

The experience for cannabis travelers goes beyond the typical dispensary or farm tour, according to Justine. A growing number of the properties on BudLodge feature activities or events such as classes on cooking with cannabis, glass blowing tours with amazing artists who create museum-like pieces, and more.

“People want a cool experience they can share,” says Justine. “ They’re interested in staying in a place and learning something new… how to grow, clone, trim, or make edibles. They can take that knowledge back home.”

In addition to booking accommodations, classes and private parties, BudLodge offers a referral program to reward frequent guests of the travel site.  There’s truly something for every traveler, whether you’re an adventure-seeker or you prefer a more luxurious experience. Some of the many unique properties available to explore include the HGTV Hashtag House and the PotLeaf Treehouse.

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