Grow Your Own Cannabis

Why grow your own cannabis at home when there are so many options at your local dispensary? There’s no wrong or right answer, but there certainly are a number of motivating factors people experience before deciding to cultivate – some of which may surprise you.

I talked with cannabis cultivation experts, Green Carpet Growing, to get the scoop on some of the most common reasons they see and what they recommend to get started.

Based in Southern California, Green Carpet Growing teaches people how to grow cannabis at home, so they talk a lot with people about why they choose to grow their own strains. Here are the top reasons they’ve seen in recent months.

Growing Cannabis at Home

10. DIY Pride

Do-it-yourself folks know a thing or two about the “pride of creation” and are generally intrigued by the prospect of growing their own cannabis at home. Maybe you’re a DIY fan or you have a good friend or family member who is. These are the same people who love to grow their own vegetables and fruits, brew their own beer, fix things around the house, and prefer to do as many things themselves as possible.

DIY cannabis growing is a great opportunity to skip the middlemen and take pride in your commitment to your crop. Most do-it-yourselfers grow 1-2 plants, either inside or outside depending on where they live.

Gardening Therapeutics

9. Gardening Therapeutics

Gardening is a pastime for many folks who appreciate plants and nature, and the benefits of gardening are indeed therapeutic. If you live in a city, thankfully you don’t have to have a backyard to experience gardening therapeutics when you grow cannabis indoors. Give it a try and witness the majestic development of your cannabis flowers. Some even say the feeling can be magical, inspiring and life-changing.

Whether you sing to your plants and talk to them, or don’t, you most certainly will be putting your hands in your plants for over 15 weeks, nurturing them, manicuring them, feeding them, and helping them grow. When you experience the life cycle of cannabis from inception to harvest, and all the way to consumption, you’ve formed a unique relationship with your plant.

8. Privacy

Regardless of legality, sometimes the last thing you want between you and your cannabis is the chance of running into nosey co-workers, neighbors, or in some cases, the paparazzi. The freedom of in-home, readily available cannabis appeals to many introverts and homebodies, as well as those who don’t desire public interaction to restock their cannabis-medicine.

7. No More Waiting in Lines

When recreational cannabis became legal in California on January 1, 2018, most of the news headlines were focused on one thing: long lines at dispensaries! Now a few months later, you can still find long lines at peak hours at the dispensary. If you are not a fan of driving 10-30 minutes to purchase cannabis and waiting in line for up to 45 minutes, then growing your own cannabis at home can be quite alluring.

6. Contamination Free Cannabis

The public is far more educated and aware of potential contamination in cannabis these days as legal recreational cannabis settles into the marketplace. It’s safe to say everyone should want “contaminant free” cannabis because we want to know that we’re consuming fresh, safe and healthy cannabis, untainted by pests, toxic pesticides, powdery mildew, bud rot, sand, sugar, hairspray (yes, hairspray!), as well as some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

Today in California, commercial cultivators are being met with new testing standards to ensure consumer safety, but with all of the gray and black market operations out there which many people buy from, you may never know if your cannabis is tainted and safe for consumption. Much of this stems from personal standards — desiring the best cannabis, not just what “passes” as sellable. There’s no better way to ensure you’re consuming 100% safe cannabis than by growing your own at home. You know where it came from, how it was grown, and can rest easy when the coveted time of consumption rolls around.

Cannabis Flower

5. For the Love of Your Favorite Strain

When you find the perfect cannabis strain that works magnificently to meet your needs, you tell all your friends right? But what happens when you can’t find that strain again? You search. You search and search and search, but may come up empty handed and frustrated. Yep, we’ve all been there. A simple search on Weedguide and you’ll find thousands of strains. So if you fall madly in love with a strain, the solution to ensure you always have mason jars full of your favorite strain is quite simple — grow it yourself at home. Why not?!

4. Economic Benefits

If you consume cannabis regularly and you run the numbers, growing green, saves you green! Of course there’s an initial investment to any home grow operation, but the savings over the years is exponential. As a home-grower, you’ll be able to cultivate top shelf, best of the best cannabis, and not pay a fluctuating, hefty premium for it. If you are spending more than a couple hundred dollars each month on cannabis, you can take your hard earned money and invest in a home-grow operation and eventually only spend a few hundred dollars a year on your cultivations’ recurring costs, nutrients and soil.

Here’s a tip — you may have to purchase a few items from your local dispensary to tide you over while you start your home-grow operation, but it will be well worth the investment when you are able to reap bountiful harvests every 2 months with a 2 light cycle home-grow system.

3. Cannabis for Topicals & Edibles

Cannabis topicals are really popular for all (legal) ages, and it is something you can make from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Many people are benefiting medicinally and feel good about consuming cannabis in this way, without jeopardizing the health of their lungs. Growing your own plants at home provides a terrific source of raw ingredient.

There are tons of ways to integrate cannabis into cooking, including juicing it and infusing it into butter and oils. Adding herbs like lavender and rosemary are ways people spice up their cannabis-infused oils and butter. If you’re tired of all the sugar-loaded edibles at the dispensaries, try infusing your own oil to use in a delicious salad. Check out the step-by-step how to video Weedguide created with help from Chef Brandon Allen.

2. Quality Tasting Cannabis

Given the chance to smoke cannabis that tastes wonderful and goes down smooth, or cannabis that is harsh or flavorless, guess which people prefer! If you have ever smoked stale cannabis, or cannabis that was not harvested and cured properly following best cultivation practices, you know what we’re talking about.

When you smoke properly harvested cannabis you experience the nuances of terpene flavor profiles ranging from sour, citrus, lemon, or pine — to fruity, sweet or floral, as well as earthy, skunky, and even peppery or “cheesey” flavors.

By growing your own cannabis at home, you can curate a variety of quality tasting cannabis strains and harvest and cure it properly. The main reason people experience unpleasant tasting cannabis is improper harvesting and curing practices, and that is because it’s the last and final step of cultivation that often gets rushed in order for growers to get paid for their product.

Take matters into your own hands and grow at home to ensure quality taste and freshness of your cannabis. Get some tips for harvesting at home.

Medicinal Cannabis Peace

1. Medicinal Benefits

Cannabis is medicine. It helps with many health challenges such as PTSD, headaches, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, epilepsy, glaucoma, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, insomnia, as well as Opiod addictions. Common knowledge about pharmaceutical drugs and their laundry lists of harmful side effects have prompted many Americans to pursue medical marijuana.

Now that cannabis is no longer taboo, people are stepping out of their comfort zones and pursuing cannabis cultivation to eliminate, or subsequently diminish, the need for their dependence on potentially harmful prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. When you use cannabis medicinally, you may be consuming it in a variety of ways, but because it is a necessary daily routine, growing it at home allows you to have more than enough at your disposal to treat your needs by smoking, vaporizing, cooking, juicing or making topicals.

The next time you meet someone who grows at home, or wants to grow at home, be sure to ask them, “why?” to open up the dialogue about cannabis cultivation. And to get your growing on the right track and become a successful cannabis gardener, check out Green Carpet Growing and companies like them in your town who can help you with best-practices for cultivation, grow classes or in-home training, consulting, and coaching.

“Give someone cannabis, they can medicate once.
Teach a man to grow, they can medicate forever.”

Photos courtesy of: Green Carpet Growing

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