April 20th is just around the corner, making this truly the most wonderful time of the year! As any cannasseur will tell you, 4/20 is the day we celebrate all things weed, and with states like California and Nevada having kicked off off their recreational sales in the last year it’s a safe bet that this year’s festivities will be the biggest ever.

There are no hard and fast rules for celebrating 4/20 – the main tradition is to simply enjoy a little herb in whatever form you like. Yet here at Weedguide, we love the idea of this also being the perfect gift-giving season for the stoners, microdosers, dabbers, newbies and cannacurious folks in your life. So we’ve done a little research and found a few product and experience ideas that are bound to make 4/20 special for your favorite people…whoever they are.

For Your Sesh Buddy

The Sesh Buddy always has the best weed on-hand, rolls blunts like it’s surgery and carries his dab rig in an attaché case. This is the person who knows what he likes and has the gadgets to prove it, but is also down to try something new. While your main Sesh Buddy is probably using a spreadsheet to plot out their 4/20 smoking schedule as we speak, gifting him with a fun, unique accessory is bound add a little extra dankness to his holiday.


Few things kill a 4/20 buzz quite like a joint that’s been crushed in transit. That’s why your Sesh Buddy is going to love this beautiful holder from Marley Naturals, made of black walnut wood and with just enough space for a holiday pre-roll.

Or give him something that adds a little flair to his smoking experience, like pre-rolled cones in a bunch of fun designs from Elephant Rolling Paper.


For Your Sibling Who Hasn’t Smoked Since Lollapalooza ‘94

If the last time your sister tried cannabis was when she ate too much of an edible at a music festival over two decades ago, it’s time to get her up to speed. She’s interested in exploring cannabis again but the sheer number of available strains and consumption methods has her feeling overwhelmed by the options.

candescent orange gift box

A signature orange box from Canndescent includes everything she needs to get back into her cannabis comfort zone, from matches and rolling papers, to an eighth of virgin cannabis categorized by five different effects.

tetra cannabis starter kitThen, help her leave her weed-smoking college days in the dust with the beautiful Tetra Starter Kit.  Inside the mirrored box are the classiest smoking tools she’s ever seen, including a borosilicate glass pipe and smoked glass ashtray.


For Your Bae

Maybe your regular Sesh Buddy is also your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse. The two of you take a low-dose edible before brunch to make the hour wait more tolerable, apply CBD salves to each other’s aching muscles after a hike, and like to catch up on one another’s workdays during your daily 420 Happy Hour sesh.

bud and breakfast

For partners who enjoy their weed together, celebrate 4/20 out of town by staying at a Bud & Breakfast. Colorado gets a lot of the attention around cannabis tourism, but other legal states like Washington and California are also in the game.

If a 4/20 staycation at home is more your speed, pick up some Foria Awaken to steam things up in the bedroom. This intimate massage oil for women uses full-spectrum hemp oil, botanicals and aromatics to enhance relaxation and pleasure while reducing tension for an elevated sexual experience…even if you’re riding solo.


For Your Cannacurious Parents

Cannabis’ spreading legalization has mom and dad curious. They’re asking you questions about how to take cannabis for pain or stress management, but they’re a little nervous about getting high or, you know, arrested.

papa and barkley releaf soak product

Releaf Soak from Papa & Barkley added to a therapeutic bath will take their stress away, while the 3:1 THC:CBD ratio adds the right amount of relaxation without the elevation.

dosist relief gift guideIf they’re ready to consume but are concerned about dosing, consider getting mom and a Dosist pen. Each pen is formulated to address a specific need, from bliss to sleep to relief and more, and built with technology that delivers an accurate, consistent dose with each inhale.


For Your Extremely Cool Boss

Whether she’s the inspirational founder of the startup you work for, or he’s the department head who picks up bagels and coffee for breakfast every Friday, your boss is the best. Maybe you’ve seen him or her once or twice with a vape pen in hand after work, but resist the urge to gift them with an eight of weed since it’s very likely against the company’s HR policy.

broccoli cannabis magazine

Give the boss a subscription to Broccoli Mag, a beautifully curated international magazine for cannabis lovers. And just in time for 4/20, the second issue is due out this month.

420 gift guide mugEverybody loves a good mug, so why not get the boss one like this from janedopeshop. It not only shows that you have a sense of humor, but it’s a way to casually hint to the boss that you really want to sesh sometime.


Whatever your 4/20 plans, treat those you love – including yourself – to something that will make your high holiday just a little bit higher. What’s on your Wish List this 4/20?

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.