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A Comprehensive Website and App for Cannabis Enthusiasts of all Levels


Even in the growing legal world of cannabis, finding well-curated, quality cannabis news and information can be a challenge. But as responsible cannabis users, finding up-to-date resources on legalization and cannabis progress is imperative to being an informed and educated citizen. I’m always bookmarking websites that cover the wide range of cannabis topics that I’m interested in, be it tutorials, legalization news, politics, cannabis forums, new products, or cannabis celebrities that I admire. That’s why I’m so happy to have found a comprehensive website for all things cannabis, over at

Weedguide is an all-in-one online space for all types of relevant cannabis news. With both a content-rich website and a responsive mobile app available in iTunes and Google Play, Weedguide has all the cannabis resources you need, wherever you go.

About The Stoner Mom, Kathryn

I am a thirty-something, yoga-pants-wearing, mom to four. You can find me in the suburbs of Colorado, usually in a Target or at the elementary school, doing regular mom things. Things like driving a minivan, kissing boo-boos, living in loungewear, cooking, cleaning, educating my high-achieving kids, and keeping house for my family of six.

But in addition to my role as mother and wife, I am also an enthusiastic medical + recreational marijuana advocate. In plainer terms, I smoke a lot of pot. I created this website to help change the stigma that comes with cannabis use. I want to show the world that cannabis users are just people. Normal adults living normal adult lives.

Navigating Weedguide

When you open up the site or app you have the ability to search through relevant articles from all over the web, all nicely organized with filters for cannabis newbies, enthusiasts, medical users, businesses, and lots more. Find content from top cannabis sites like High Times, Civilized, and Leafly, relevant articles from respected news providers like Huffington Post, The Guardian, and Forbes, plus lots of original content from Weedguide’s stoney staff writers.

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What I Love About Weedguide

I’m a sucker for beautifully designed, user-friendly websites, and Weedguide has brought that to the cannabis industry with its ux design and clean interface. Any site that elevates the stigma of cannabis and takes it to a more sophisticated level is an automatic follow for me.

I also really love how Weedguide has taken several aspects of modern cannabis use and organized them in one space. Whether you’re looking for news, politics, strain information, local businesses, doctors, tutorials, or cannabis education, Weedguide is a great place to start your search.

Weedguide has done an impressive job at building a database of original cannabis content and integrating it with on-going content from around the internet, making it a truly comprehensive space for enthusiasts, newbies, businesses and more. It’s a great idea and is well-executed, and I find myself pulling up the app daily when looking for updates on what’s going on in the cannabis world. Learn more about Weedguide’s mission over on their site, and download their free app so you never miss out on the latest cannabis news.

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Sarah is Weedguide’s Chief Marketing Officer. When she’s not spreading the word about Weedguide, Sarah can usually be found hiking through a National Park or enjoying a local craft beer.