12 Favorite Gifts

2018 was another record-breaking year for cannabis legalization, further solidifying weed’s mainstream. And this holiday season, cannabis products and accessories are sure to be among the hottest gifts around whether the adults on your list consume or not.

From cool vapes and pipes, to cannabis-themed books, art and fashion, to DIY home cultivation and extraction and much more, we’ve searched high and low for the 12 coolest cannabis gifts this holiday season. Keep reading to find out which items made the cut!


Potli Olive OilPotli’s hemp-infused extra virgin olive oil contains 15mg CBD per tablespoon to address whatever your endocannabinoid system needs, anti-inflammatory relief and all. It tastes richer and more robust than traditional non-infused EVOO, and ever since they gave me a bottle to try I’ve put it on everything from avocado toast to store-bought tortellinis. The fact that it’s so versatile and won’t get you high is what makes this such a great gift for the cook on your list, whether they typically consume cannabis or not. And if you’re looking for something sweet, Potli’s hemp-infused raw honey is also a dream.


Edibles CookbookAnother kitchen essential great for gift-giving is the cookbook Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. Reflecting the industry’s movement away from super potent cookies and brownies and towards microdosing, this cookbook features 30 low-dose gourmet recipes anyone can make at home. The book covers the basics like how to make the cannabutter and other infused oils central to these recipes, while also detailing harder stuff like how to properly dose and portion. From roasted beet hummus and herb pesto, to duck meatball sliders and cardamom caramels, authors and infused-delight experts Stephanie Hua and Chef Coreen Carroll deliver the goodies.


Gorilla Grow TentFew things are as fulfilling as growing your own cannabis. For those living in a legal state that allows home cultivation, the Gorilla Grow Rec Room Complete Grow Tent Kit comes with everything you need to grow 6 plants at a time: LED grow light, fan, carbon filter, 5-gallon pots, a timer, a pH test kit, hydroponic nutrients, and of course the tent itself – just add dirt and seeds or clones and you’re ready to grow. And at $695, for our money it’s the best all-in-one solution out there.


Source TurboThe DIY train doesn’t have to stop at growing your own cannabis. Designed specifically for at-home use, Source Turbo has simplified the process of making concentrates and other extractions. The lucky recipient of this product can use it to create their own botanical essential oils for use in homemade tinctures and salves, and there’s even an accompanying app to help with monitoring the process. At $599 it’s not cheap, but with tinctures and salves these days commanding at least $60 in some markets, it’ll pay for itself in no time.


Sitter Sherlock PipeFor the cannassuer in your life who loves good old fashioned smoke sesh, give the gift of sophistication this holiday season. GRAV’s Sitter Sherlock hand pipe is made of gorgeous borosilicate glass, is super lightweight and ready to be packed and enjoyed. We scored one of these at this year’s MJBizCon and couldn’t get over the classy look and how much fun it is to use. While this one is our personal favorite, GRAV has a bunch of gorgeously designed options to choose from.


Quiver SummitThe Summit by Quiver Fabrications is titanium masterpiece, reportedly the first water pipe ever made from this material. Glass bongs are super fragile (I’ve broken 2 of them in as many years myself), so for bong fans something this durable is like catching a unicorn. Its sleek design is as functional as it is beautiful, with features like simple filtration and a smooth interior to prevent stale smoke. And because a knocked down bong is pretty much inevitable, Quiver offers a generous lifetime guarantee, no questions asked –a pretty great value for $160.


GRON Face MaskCBD was everywhere this year, and now our favorite non-psychoactive cannabinoid is ready to take the beauty world by storm. Artisanal cannabis product brand Grön is ahead of the game with their luscious Moisturizing Mask, which blends CBD with lavender to sooth and moisturize the skin. For anyone looking for a refresh there’s the Rejuvenating Mask, which combines CBD with cucumber, seaweed and ginger to give your skin vibrancy. These masks are gluten-free, vegan, contain no artificial flavors, and are another example of a great gift for the non-cannabis consumers out there.


Bomber JacketMaybe this isn’t the first article of clothing to rep everybody’s favorite leaf, but it certainly is one of the coolest. The 420 Bomber Jacket by Catherine Fulmer is simply put, the bomb. Made from iconic satin fabric and accented with black snap buttons, the cannabis leaf on the back is what they’re all going to be talking about. Available in blue, white, and coral, this is a must-have gift for the fashionista who loves to make a statement.


Paring ChartOne interesting outcome of cannabis legalization is that we’re hearing more about terpenes, the organic compounds behind the scent and flavor profiles of your favorite weed strains, as well as countless other plants and herbs. That’s why we love this Terpene Food & Wine Pairing Chart from Goldleaf. This work of art shows 8 botanical illustrations and details of their associate terpenes, including each one’s unique traits and recommended food and wine pairings. Great for hanging on the kitchen wall and as a source for culinary inspiration.


Elevate BoxWe’ve said before that cannabis-themed bundle sets and subscription boxes make excellent gifts, and this holiday season we shine the spotlight on the Elevate Immersive Experience Box. What differentiates Elevate from the rest is that while there are some cannabis products inside, most of its contents are intended for use while elevated. Once those edibles kick in, ease more deeply into relaxation mode with the facial massage roller, and jot down your inspirational thoughts in the vegan leather travelers notebook. There are beauty products, aromatherapy jewelry, and even an audio guide to tie the entire experience together.


Cannabus ToursExpanding legalization means more opportunities for cannabis tourism, and we’re already seeing so many cool experiences out there. In the San Francisco Bay Area you can board the party bus for the Wine & Weed Tour, or head out on a Bud Crawl to check out local dispensaries and smoke lounges. Learn about cannabis overall, from growing to cooking to consuming, in the Las Vegas Herbology 101 Tour. And in Colorado, take an Introductory Cooking with Cannabis Class to learn about everything from dosing to infusing from a professional chef.


Hanu StoneMeet the Hanu Stone, the vaporizer no one could stop talking about at this year’s MJBizCon. The brainchild of VapeXhale Founder & CEO Seibo Shen, Hanu Stone skips the cheap looks and leaky cartridges, opting instead for a gorgeously designed, intuitive vaporizer that is a genuine pleasure to use. We were honored to try out a sample of this beauty and absolutely loved the tactile feel of the smooth stone shape design – we couldn’t keep our hands off it. The device’s larger heating surface area heats the oil at a lower temperature, preserving the precious terpenes. The result? Vapor that’s flavorful in a design that even newbies won’t be able to resist. It launches officially late January and is totally worth the wait.

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Feature Image: Get Sava

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