Celebs to follow on Instagram

Face it, we all love scrolling endlessly through amazing Instagram feeds. Lately we’re really into feeds from growers, celebrities, and everyday Joes who are loud and proud about their love for weed. There are a ton of celebrities these days coming out of the green closet and even establishing their own cannabis businesses.

Check out some of our favorite Instagram feeds that do an awesome job of showcasing their love for the cannabis lifestyle!


If we had to choose the one celebrity who has been most influential in bringing cannabis into the mainstream over the last 2 decades, it would have to be Snoop Dogg. An elder statesman from what many consider the Golden Age of hip-hop, Snoop has evolved from rapper to pop culture legend and not once has he denounced Mary Jane. His Instagram is crazy entertaining, mixing selfies of himself enjoying a blunt with hilarious memes and videos, a lot of them about weed.

Snoop Dogg Instagram


Actor, writer and director Seth Rogan is steadily approaching Snoop Dogg’s level when it comes to cannabis culture thanks to the stoner gem Pineapple Express and his open love for weed. On his Instagram feed you can look forward to updates on his very busy work schedule, pictures of his pup Zelda, and a passionate love of cannabis. From posting about how different filter configurations enable him to tell his joints apart, to several images and videos of him consuming, Seth’s Instagram is a must for weed lovers.

Seth Rogan Instagram


Ok full disclosure: I love Rihanna. Not only is she a true renaissance woman, having recently added a huge movie and a beauty line to her already illustrious career, but she’s also a fashion and pop culture icon. Rihanna’s been open over the years about her love for cannabis and, for a time anyway, there were a few pictures circulating online in which that love was out and proud, but things have toned down since then. While her instagram feed is a glorious reflection of her amazing accomplishments, jaw-dropping beauty and overall fierceness, go back far enough and you’ll find some very cool shots of her doing her thing with blunt firmly in hand.

Rihanna Instagram

#4 – John Salley

Retired basketball player, TV host and personality John Salley is now living life as a wellness activist and entrepreneur. John spends a lot of time emphasizing the benefits of healthy living – he is a raw vegan – and has even spoken to Congress about providing children with vegetarian options in public school cafeterias. Turning to plants for food and wellness is at the heart of his philosophy, so it’s no surprise that he and his daughter Tyla have launched their own cannabis brand Deueces 22.

John Salley Instagram

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