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It’s difficult to keep up with the ever-changing cannabis industry, which is why at Weedguide we love using Instagram to follow the people we come across in the news, at conferences and events, or in conversation. For this Instagram spotlight, we wanted to focus on just a few of the female bosses changing attitudes about cannabis while paving the way towards a diverse industry in which women feature prominently. Some of them you know, others will be new to you, but all of these women are furthering the industry by killing it as bosses in the weed business and inspiring others to do the same.

Here are the Instagram pages of 6 female cannabis bosses and entrepreneurs you need to be following…


You may remember Charlo Greene from the journalist’s spectacular on-air resignation at the end of her 2014 report on the Alaska Cannabis Club, the medical cannabis organization she also happened to own. The footage went viral, amassing over 100 million views and thrusting Charlo into the spotlight, and she immediately started advocating for recreational cannabis legalization in Alaska. Even though the law passed and Alaska became the third state to legalize cannabis for adults, Charlo’s medical company was evicted from its location and later raided by police, resulting in her arrest – now she faces 14 counts and potentially up to 54 years in prison. Despite all of this, she’s released a book and is sharing her story through appearances all over the country. We all applauded Charlo’s on camera bravery, and while there’s no shortage of beauty and inspiration on her Instagram feed, her story highlights the reality that cannabis prohibition still has a disproportionately negative impact on people of color despite expanding legalization.

Charlo Green Instagram


Dr. Monica Vialpando, Ph. D. is a pharmaceutical development scientist on a mission to make better cannabis products. With a strong background in pharmaceuticals and years spent working with the vaping industry, Monica now directs her expertise towards her work as a consultant. Through science and innovation, she helps cannabis companies develop products that are better for the patient or recreational user, addressing such considerations as faster onset and improving the solubility of cannabinoids into the body. A yogini and inventor, Monica;s Instagram features photos and wisdom demonstrating her yoga practice and commitment to wellness, while also spotlighting her appearances and participation in panels at cannabis conferences around the world.

Monica Vialpando Instagram


As former General Manager of MarleyNatural, Tahira Rehmatullah oversaw the development and launch of one of the most recognizable cannabis lifestyle brands in the market. Now, she’s Managing Director of venture capital fund Hypur Ventures and CFO of special purpose acquisition firm MTech Acquisition Corporation – two companies focused on funding cannabis ancillary businesses. A strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, Tahira advises women and people of color seeking entrepreneurship in the industry while staying vocal that cannabis legalization is very much a social justice issue. On her Instagram feed, Tahira touches on these important matters and keeps followers in the loop on what she’s up to with her many speaking engagements and panels.

Marley Natural Instagram


Leone Posod and Cindy Pinzon are the masterminds behind Treat Yourself, a health and wellness brand that integrates full-spectrum CBD and other natural ingredients into body care products centered on the needs of women. Each of their pages is a colorful celebration of self-care, featuring beautiful images and messaging that highlight healthy lifestyles in which cannabis and CBD feature as prominently as kale and yoga. What also stands out is Leone and Cindy’s prominence in one another’s feeds, appearing in posts where the love they have for their work – and each other – is palpable. To us, these bosses are not only educating about cannabis and the importance of healthy living, but their partnership is a true example of women empowering women.

Leone and Pinzon Instagram


Jennifer Skog is Editor-in-Chief of MJ Lifestyle, a magazine dedicated to amplifying the voice of the modern woman living that cannabis life. With an established career an intimate portrait artist – her feed is overflowing with stunning boudoir and bridal shots – Jennifer was frustrated by enduring stigmas about weed and negative views of the women who enjoy it. With MJ Lifestyle she decided to change that narrative, inviting female artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and advocates to not only be photographed for her magazine and speak openly about the role cannabis plays in their lives, but to also become contributors. We love Jennifer’s feed for her beautiful work and the way she invites followers into her journey into cannabis advocacy through photography because it reminds us that times are most definitely changing.

Jennifer Skog Instagram

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Feature Image: Jorge Flores on Unsplash

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