Instagram is a weed lover’s paradise. There are tons of breathtaking images and videos of everything from happy plants basking in the sunlight, to stunning close-ups of healthy nugs and gooey concentrates, to shots of regular people enjoying a toke in gorgeous surroundings. At Weedguide, we are all about taking the stigma out of cannabis and we think these 6 accounts do an amazing job of that while also showcasing some incredibly compelling content. Check them out!

#1 – Magic of Cannabis

Magic of Cannabis features magical photos of blooming plants and fluffy nugs, curated from some of the most talented cannabis growers and photographers on IG. Moderator @highsocietymama (whose page is also amazing) clearly has an eye for beauty – some of these photos will knock your socks off.

Magic of Cannabis

#2 – Bentley Rolling

The LA-based photographer behind Bentley Rolling is using his skill and creativity to show what cannabis lifestyle means to him. His elegant photos evoke feelings of sophistication while squashing outdated stigmas about cannabis and the people who enjoy it.

Bentley Rolling Instagram

#3 – The Dank Duchess

Cultivator, hashmaker and writer The Dank Duchess has a feed overflowing with positivity, inspiration, and the most mouthwatering hash you have ever seen. From shots of her beautiful concentrates to videos of her enjoying a smoke, Duchess can barely contain her passion for cannabis – which makes her irresistible.

The Dank Dutchess Instagram

#4 – Huxton

Huxton is a brand that is all about proudly living the cannabis lifestyle. Their feed abounds with images of their perfectly harvested and packaged flower, luxurious scent-proof backpacks, modern accessories and cool apparel. Highly chic!

Huxton Instagram

#5 – Nurse Susan

For anyone seeking advice or education about cannabis, Nurse Susan can help. A member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Nurse Susan advises patients on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis via her blog, which she shares through her feed along with helpful information on everything from terpenes to what to expect during your first dispensary visit.

Nurse Susan Instagram

#6 – Cannabis Diversity Council

The mission of the Cannabis Diversity Council is to reverse the impact of the War on Drugs by helping entrepreneurs of color navigate the building their own cannabis businesses. The CDCA’s feed reminds us the work that needs to be done while also sharing success stories and ways you can get involved.

Cannabis Diversity Council Instagram

Bonus #7 – Phantom Farms

Special shout out to Pantom Farms for letting us use this gorgeous flower shot as our featured image for the article. Made in Oregon, these guys grow some tasty stuff and love showing it off from planting to harvest and everything in between.

Phantom Farms Instagram

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