Golden State Warriors basketball

According to Danny Keith and Dana Knops at Cannabis Club TV (CCTV), every brand has a story to tell. It just needs a platform. In this case, their story started with basketball.

When the Golden State Warriors launched a minor league team in his hometown of Santa Cruz, CA, Danny was recruited to lead operations. He quickly innovated the fan experience by putting digital screens at the point of sale, growing awareness and driving traffic to the restaurants and small businesses inside the arena. Long term family friend Tommy Chong inspired him to put two and two together, and they saw the opportunity in cannabis. 

An ambitious entrepreneur, TedX speaker and youth advocate, Danny describes himself as a “self-motivated stoner, one of the rare guys who can straddle the street and the boardroom at the same time.” His goal in founding CCTV is to change the narrative on cannabis, whether it’s recreational or medicinal. With over 115 screens in 7 states, they provide a platform where content providers, dispensaries, brands and consumers can all benefit.

Having a strong digital footprint is critical to set a dispensary apart from competition. Similar to Netflix but for the cannabis world, CCTV offers 200 channels across categories, so every dispensary can be its own mini brand and feature hyper local ads that fit the vibe of the store. You can customize the experience to focus on education or infotainment, celebrity news, lifestyle and more.

Danny Keith, CEO of CCTV
Danny Keith, CEO of CCTV

Says Danny, “Every brand has an amazing story and that’s how you build connections. It’s all about understanding what’s motivating customers at that point in time. What works in Spokane is different from North Hollywood, which is different from Detroit and different from San Diego. We offer a kaleidoscope of cannabis content across different areas.”

CCTV’s main goal is simple. Take advantage of the 5-10 minutes that customers spend waiting in line at hundreds of dispensaries across the country. Says Danny, “If I learned one thing from the NBA, it’s about atmosphere. You’re in tune with what’s happening during the game. But in between, we put on a circus. Every break, anytime the basketball is not bouncing, we’re marketing. As soon as the ball stops moving, it’s ad-driven.” 

Attention is hard to come by in this day and age, but Danny says dispensaries can capture it with cool content. “An interesting brownie recipe, a good stat on sleeping better, the plethora of stuff that hits them benefits the point of sale experience in the dispensary. Ideally, a customer walks into a dispensary, and before the budtender has an opportunity to pitch, they are asking questions. Do you have Humboldt’s finest? What are terps? Best vape pen for people with migranes?”

Dana Knops, CCTV Director of Development
Dana Knops, Director of Development at CCTV

Looking ahead, Danny believes he and Dana will continue to push the limits of digital media with new technology to engage consumers on a new level. “We want to take the CCTV experience into the home, so you can watch cannabis tilted programming on your Smart TV. Whether it’s Cheech and Chong, 420 Chef, Stoner Rob or Rooted, everything is moving towards episodic format. We’ll be there for the consumer in whatever way they want to experience.”


Note to readers: If you still haven’t seen the Chong vs. Wild videos on CCTV, go immediately and watch them. You’re in for a treat… #LMAO:


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