At Weedguide, we are completely obsessed with following cannabis growers on Instagram. Since cannabis plants already possess a kind of otherworldly, complex beauty, truly great weed grower feeds can do more than make you count the minutes until 4:20. Some of the best pages offer a glimpse into the wonders of cannabis horticulture while also allowing cultivators the perfect platform for sharing images and details demonstrating the progress of their grows. There are tons of amazing cultivator feeds on Instagram and these are just 5 of the pages that we simply can’t get enough of.

#1 – Petals And Pistils: @petalsandpistils420

@petalsandpistils420 is a California-based cannabis company whose Instagram feed showcases incredible photos of dazzling plants and colorful buds. Petals and Pistils may not overflow with hundreds of dank shots (not yet anyway), but the images they post reflect a strong commitment to organic farming practices. And it’s hard to argue with the results – extended leaves bathed in rich colors, densely packed nugs you can practically smell through the screen. Yes, please!

#2 – Party Time Farms: @partytimefarms

We love @partytimefarms so much that we actually have to stop ourselves from double-tapping everything he posts. This commercial grower and self-described genetic mixologist shares more than breathtaking photos and videos of his exceptional cannabis plants and resulting flowers and concentrates. He also posts about each strain, where they’re from, and lets his followers know about cool details like terpene profile and the types of nutrients used.

#3 – MedCare Farms: @medcarefarms

Co-founded by a military veteran and her husband, @medcarefarms is a craft cannabis company launched in 2009 after the couple experienced the benefits from medical cannabis firsthand. The feed includes plenty of gorgeous shots of everything from their beautiful grow operation to their packaging, while simultaneously calling attention to the healing properties of medical cannabis and still finding the time to honor the sacrifices made by our veterans.

#4 – Clandestine Gardens: @clandestinegardens

@clandestinegardens is a Washington-based cannabis brand whose feed features some of the sexiest weed images we have ever laid our eyes upon. Sumptuous leaves, frosty buds and glistening shatter are shown in extreme close-up on the Clandestine Garden page, relaying an usually soulful and intimate appreciation for this amazing plant.

#5 – Native Humboldt Farms: @nativehumboldtfarms

This page stands out as a departure from the “typical” cultivator feed and that’s why we love it. Demonstrating a decidedly more feminine aesthetic, @nativehumboldtfarms’ feed documents the brand’s owner/cultivator/manufacturer interacting with her babies in the beautiful outdoors. Even the packaged product shots are taken outside and the natural, sun-kissed tone of the page feels warm, natural and authentic.

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.