Gourmet Edibles Gift Guide

From chef-led cannabis brands and infused dining experiences, to the increasing popularity of microdosing, edibles are quickly becoming the preferred consumption method for cannabis enthusiasts. The sheer volume of edibles available on the market means there are a variety of taste, flavor and ingredient options out there, including plenty of alternatives without THC that allow you to skip the high entirely. And now we’re starting to see more high-end brands promoting a premium edibles experience that centers on the use of healthy ingredients, sustainable practices and a beautiful aesthetic.

If you’re looking for ways to delight the infused treat lover in your life (or yourself) check out these 6 gourmet cannabis edibles that caught our eye!


Instagram: @defoncechoclatier

Cal Défoncé is the California-based maker of single-origin artisanal chocolates. Infused with sun-grown cannabis using biodynamic farming techniques, Défoncé’s chocolate bars reflect the company’s commitment to responsibly sourced, sustainable ingredients and clean extraction processes. Each bar contains 90mg THC total, which can be broken into 5mg sections, and come in multiple flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla and matcha.

Défoncé edibles


Instagram: @rebeledibles

Rebel Edibles’ infused truffles and caramels contain just 5mg and 10mg THC respectively, making them decidedly decadent low-dose goodies. This Colorado company uses distillate oil extracted from organic, pesticide-free cannabis.That means when you nibble a Rebel Edible, you taste less of the herb and more of the premium ingredients like Belgian chocolate and organic cane sugar. Flavors include apple cider sea salt caramels and dark chocolate orange truffles.

Rebel Edibles


Instagram: @kushnuts

Because not everyone likes their edibles sweet, California’s Kush Nuts leads the savory pack with their infused nut blends. These healthier edible alternatives are naturally gluten-free and there’s no added sugar, just almonds and cashews cooked in cannabis butter and tossed with rosemary and garlic. Kush Nuts are available in 3 sizes ranging from 45mg to 180mg THC per bag.

Kush Nuts


Instagram: @grdnsociety

Infused gummy fans will want to try Bright Blooms herb and fruit geleés from Garden Society. This Cali brand marries ingredients like strawberry puree and basil extract with organic, locally sourced sativa-hybrid cannabis processed without the use of solvents. Garden Society’s sophisticated geleés are high in CBD and contain enough THC – no more than 10 mg per piece – to elevate your day.

Garden Society


Instagram: @dirtylemon, @beboefamily

Feeling thirsty? Try this cbd-infused beverage, a collaboration between Dirty Lemon and premium cannabis brand Beboe. Inspired by the strain Pineapple Express, tropical flavors of lemon, pineapple and blood orange offer plenty of refreshment while 20mg of full-spectrum CBD provide a plethora of benefits including relaxation, focus and a hint of mild euphoria without the high. And the best part? Dirty Lemon can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Dirty Lemon


Instagram: @atlasedibles

Atlas Edibles is a Cali-based edibles brand whose recipes embrace the flavor of cannabis instead of masking it (it is an herb, after all). Founded by a chef, these tasty infused granola bites feature ingredients like dried fruit, toasted nuts, cayenne and Mexican chocolate without the gluten or dairy (fyi vegans, they do contain honey). Atlas Edibles comes in 4 unique flavors in packaging designed by local artists.

Atlas Edibles

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