What’s good for the mind, body and soul? Some would say meditation. Some would say marijuana. How about a combo? Whether you are practicing mindfulness or a mind-body connection in yoga, pairing the similar effects of cannabis and mediation could be just what you’re looking for. Combining the two may help slow the mind down and enter a state of heightened awareness.

As reported in an article in Big Buds Magazine, “In today’s busy, often-frustrating world, it’s sweet to have a place of refuge where you enjoy peace, quiet, and a sense of safety. For many of us, getting high on marijuana is a way to find that quiet, safe, kind place.”

Mediation can offer those positive effects on your body. If you’re a negative thinker or even an over-thinker, you can get caught in an unhealthy cycle of thoughts. Breaking this cycle can be a challenge, but through meditation and patience, you can learn to stop undesirable thoughts the moment you start to have them instead of repeating them over and over again. Marijuana could be the extra boost to help you reach that next level of consciousness.

Now, everyone is different and cannabis affects everyone differently. If you have an overactive mind on marijuana, it might be hard to meditate as quieting your mind is the goal. On the plus side, marijuana’s ability to misrepresent time helps your ability to sit for long periods. Try focusing on your breath, inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply. Try to live in the present and enjoy what’s happening at that exact moment both inward and outward.

So what to smoke when you want to go deep? Here are a few stains to try to enhance the spiritual experience:


Lamb’s Bread:

A Jamaican strain known for its ability to bring out the positive vibes while emitting an earthy, woody aroma.

Photo courtesy of Natural Cannabis Company

Grandaddy Purple

Unleash the Zen power of this relaxing indica strain, whose soothing effects begin the moment you crack open one of its berry-scented buds.

Photo courtesy of Leafly


Blue Dream

Its full-body relaxation and cerebral euphoria tend to begin with a steady gentleness, allowing you to coast lightly into a peaceful, ethereal state of mind.

Photo courtesy of TheJointBlog.com


As an incredibly Zen person once said, “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.”


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