Candyland Strain Buds

Last time I opened our weed closet I was reminded that we have a jar chock full of beautiful Candyland buds. I’d indulged in Candyland before but for the life of me couldn’t recall my previous experiences smoking it, so I decided a new review would be the perfect opportunity to rediscover the strain. After filling my sesh buddy Mr. McMillan in on the planned agenda, I rolled us a nice cone joint, got the playlist going and settled in for the evening.

And by “settled in”, I mean the exact opposite.

The Smoking Experience

Smoking Candyland Joint

Candyland’s stunning light green leaves are covered in enough sparkly frost to stun a unicorn. The strain is a hybrid between Grandaddy Purple and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, and as I breathed in its goodness I was excited to pick up a subtle fruit candy aroma – a bright scent that was echoed by its flavor when we started smoking.

After a couple of puffs and a few short minutes, I was reminded immediately that Candyland leans heavily on the sativa side. I’d had a productive writing day and felt mentally tired before our sesh began, so I wasn’t really prepared for Candyland’s intense head buzz. I didn’t know if this was what I had in mind for a restful evening and I began analyzing how best to direct my newly uplifted energy: should I look for something immersive to sink my teeth into like a puzzle? And then the playfulness kicked in.

Candyland Effects

The high was lighthearted and cheerful, my mind analytical but not overly serious, and while I felt some leg tingles the action was primarily concentrated in the head. We couldn’t stop gabbing and our conversation was mischievous and gossipy. When Mr. McMillan made the observation that Candyland was “…like the La Croix of weed,” I knew exactly what he meant: the euphoria was effervescent and refreshing. The last thing we wanted to do was submerge ourselves in a project or current events so we told tall tales in between showing off our pop-and-lock skills. After dinner the munchies hit hard, and I eventually had to take the bull by the horns and bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Sublime.

What’s Candyland Great For?

Candyland Flower in Jar

Candyland is all about mental stimulation so it’s an awesome social strain perfect for the daytime. Sativa tends to make me go beyond focus into the depths of a rabbit hole but not so much with this strain – I’m not sure if it was my mindset or the herb itself, but it’s as if Candyland was meant for fun. Truly uplifting, Candyland would absolutely help with depression and it’s safe to say after my insistence on baking at 9pm that it works wonders as an appetite stimulant.

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Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.