One of the cannabis plants we grew last year was Invader, a hybrid strain that my budtender at the time highly recommended. I’ve tried Invader a few times and pretty much assumed that it was an indica-dominant hybrid – chill with a light buzz – which is the experience I anticipated for this week’s review. But Invader had other plans.

I enlisted my husband to accompany me on my reviewer’s journey by taking pictures to document the prep time. Among other things, he does live performance lighting for a living. Obviously.

invader strain grinding cannabis for a joint

I respectfully ground Invader’s light green leaves using my little Weedguide hand grinder. Then I transferred the party over to my Futurola rolling machine to finish the job because my hand-rolling skills still need serious work (I promise to get on that). And voila, a joint is born!

invader strain rolling a joint

The Smoking Experience

So what exactly is Invader? I honestly don’t know, and it seems to be because Invader can refer to a bunch of different strains: is it Invader Kush, or is it Blue Invader?

invader strain jointIt was clear that upfront research would not be of much assistance, so Mr. McMillan and I queued up the Spring Sesh Playlist and settled in with open minds. It was an incredibly smooth smoke, which of course led to second and third drags. Again, I’m still in the process of developing my terpene taste buds but I picked up savory herbal notes and decided Invader would taste awesome on a roasted chicken. Maybe Chef Brandon will collaborate with me on a recipe?

Yep, those effects were kicking in fast…


Invader Effects

This strain had us feeling pretty silly right away. Mr. McMillan spun a yarn about the afternoon’s hunt for a vegetarian burrito, and the man-bunned taqueria customer who had zero awareness of personal space and wore “aggressive sandals”. A few minutes later, I grew annoyed by whomever had just sent me 4 text messages in a row…until I realized it was actually me texting myself the pics for this article from my husband’s phone. The giggles ran deep.

But in distinct difference from Dream Queen, we were extremely focused. Our conversation was elevated and lively, lots of creative storytelling and wordsmithery. We made pizza and salad for dinner with precision and concentrated silence. It was a tactile high – my body was alight with this sparkly energy, yet I was able to get stuff done efficiently and still feel completely relaxed at the same time.

What’s Invader Great For?

Anxiety doesn’t stand a chance against social charmer Invader, and with the added benefit of the equal-parts buzzy/chill body high, this is definitely the perfect strain for a sesh with friends. Invader will likely help with depression and stress since the uplift is on the lighthearted side, balanced by a focus that’s pretty darn motivating. It seems like a daytime strain but more for late afternoon than morning – like that 3pm cup of coffee with fewer jitters, more chuckles. And because it really jazzed up my brain, I look forward to seeing if Invader can bring a little something extra into my writing in the future.

But then again, I don’t really know Invader’s whole story. Is it a 50/50 hybrid or a sativa-dominant? I may never know…so I better keep smoking it.

Does Invader sound like a strain you’ve tried before? Tell us about it!

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.