dream queen strain review

This past weekend I was fighting a cold and feeling very low energy, so for this review I wanted to pick a strain that would boost my spirits while still keeping things mellow. So I reached into my weed closet and pulled out the sativa-dominant offspring of Blue Dream and Space Queen.

Hello, Dream Queen!

The Smoking Experience

To try something different, I swapped my electric grinder for a handy credit card-sized version from weedguide.com (thanks fam!) and rolled a nice fat joint for my hubs and I to enjoy for the afternoon. At first puff, I noticed right away that the hand ground flowers resulted in a joint that burned more evenly than with the powdery herb produced by the electric grinder. Good to know!

Dream Queen is described as having an aroma and taste ranging from spice and rubber to bubblegum and pineapple. My palate isn’t yet sophisticated enough to catch those specifics notes but I did appreciate its sweet, fruity funkiness and earthy taste.

Dream Queen Effects

As I reclined on the couch, a tingling started in my legs and spread to my feet and within a few short minutes, my entire body was simmering in a sort of stimulating relaxation. My head started feeling buzzy, alert. I felt extremely interested and wanted to dig into something.

Because I’d recently binge-watched the insane cult documentary Wild Wild Country, I was looking for something similar. While I obsessively searched multiple streaming services for a documentary on Jonestown, Dream Queen’s sativa dominance fueled my incredibly specific criteria (no dramatic reenactments, only documentary footage) and the indica helped me accept that I had too many requirements and would not find what I was looking for.

About 15 minutes after settling on a music documentary I felt the overwhelming urge to reposition the couch, which I did, only to discover that the living room rug was looking a little dusty. So I took out the vacuum and got to work – once satisfied, I was back to my program. Later in the afternoon when my husband joined me for a sesh, we stumbled onto and decided to analyze the flick Constantine for a few minutes before finding a new comedy show. Thanks to Dream Queen the humor was super hilarious, even absurd. Cooking dinner later was a little haphazard because we found ourselves easily distracted (which playlist should we listen to, what are the cats doing), but it was so much fun that it didn’t matter.

What’s Dream Queen Great For?

Dream Queen’s positive, uplifting effects helped me snap out of my fatigue while serving me dreaminess and whimsy, which is why it’s great strain to help with depression and anxiety. I can see it being really helpful for socializing and engaging in deep conversations, although to satisfy the uplift you might want to explore Keanu Reeves’ contribution to film more than, say, politics. My body wanted to be mellow even though my head wanted to be productive, so Dream Queen may be your BFF strain for small detailed tasks like making a grocery list or hanging photos on the wall.

Have you tried Dream Queen? What did you think?

Featured strain photos courtesy of: Leafly

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.