Vaping is the art of heating dried cannabis instead of burning it. Although everyone is talking about it now, vaping’s actually not new: it’s been around since Egyption times.

How does it work? Heat from a vaporizer allows active ingredients (cannabinoids) to be released into the air in a fine mist. Vaporization allows you to consume everything from flower to oil to extracts using many different kinds of devices. Common devices are vape pens, portable vaporizers and stationary vaporizers.

Why is vaping so popular? Not only does it offer a lot of flexibility, and can be safer and healthier than inhaling smoke and harmful toxins. Vaping also produces high levels of THC, making it a more efficient way to get high. A good vaporizer heats the bud from all angles, allowing it to burn evenly and without waste. Many cannabis connoisseurs also report the lower temperatures of vaping give a fuller, richer, more multifaceted flavor than smoking.

Pushing the limits of cannabis technology and taking vaping to a whole new level are product designers, engineers and scientists. Two of the most exciting developments of late involve Terpene Isolates and Solventless Extraction. Think back to high school chemistry class, and read on…

Terpene Isolation Technology

An exciting new trend in concentrates, terpene isolates can be used to infuse various products in both the essential oils and fragrances, thanks to a little borrowed R&D from the fragrance industry. Terpenes, which are found in nature in all things, will either turn on or turn off CB2 receptors in the brain. According to Blue River Terpenes CEO Tony Verzera in a Dope Magazine interview, “It’s the difference between Bob Dylan’s music as a folk singer and Bob Dylan when he cranked up that electric guitar. It’s all music, but the terpenes change the feel, like Spinal Tap turning their amps up to 11.”

Solventless Extraction Technology

The world of cannabis extracts has been growing at a tremendous pace. You can think of cannabis concentrates as an isolation or separation of the beneficial cannabis compounds from the plant. With extraction technology, your final product is 90-100% THC, whereas cannabis flower is more like 15-20% THC. Concentrated cannabis products, such as shatter, wax, pre-filled vape pens and related extracts are in incredible demand across the country. And recently, we’ve seen a resurgence of solventless extracts, which are produced without the use of chemicals ( e.g, butane, propane, etc.) There are several types including Dry Sift, Ice Water Hash and Rosin. Leafly offers a comprehensive guide to the world of solventless extracts here.

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