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Thinking about thawing out this winter by going on a 420-friendly trip to Belize? Heard some good things about the local weed but not sure how to get it or whether it’s even legal? We’ve surveyed the situation and put together this travel guide to help get you started with planning the ultimate cannabis adventure in Belize.


Belize is no stranger to ganja. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 8.45% of Belize’s population consumes weed, ranking the country as the 18th most cannabis-consuming nation in the world. Believe it or not, that’s higher than Jamaica, which ranks at 22nd with reportedly 7.21% of its population consuming cannabis.

Possession and use of cannabis in Belize was largely tolerated yet completely illegal until 2017, when the Misuse of Drugs Act was amended to decriminalize the possession of up to 10 grams of herb. Under the amendment, there is no risk of penalty or arrest for any adult smoking at their private residence, or at the private residences of others – including in hotels where smoking is allowed – with the owner’s permission. The law also clarifies that industrial hemp no longer falls under the definition of cannabis.

However, the change to the law doesn’t account for the fact that it is still illegal to grow and sell cannabis, and to do so is considered a felony. To be in possession of weed on school premises is also illegal and punishable by law, and minors caught with weed are subject to punishment and counseling. The law makes no distinction between medical and recreational cannabis, nor does it stipulate how a citizen can purchase weed, so tourists looking to buy the local weed will end up having to do so from someone selling it illegally.


Belize may have decriminalized weed and if the travel forums are to be believed, buying some on the underground market is likely pretty easy, but take heed that there is otherwise no official cannabis tourism in place. Since the law allows for cannabis to be consumed in private residences, your best bet may be to rent a house or apartment, and 420-friendly Bud & Breakfast does have a few properties in Belize listed. Should you choose to go with a more traditional resource like Air BnB, a hotel, or a travel agent, we recommend inquiring upfront about their cannabis policy to make sure they’re comfortable with ganja consumption on their property. And when you’re there, remember that discretion is key: don’t possess more than 10 grams, don’t consume in public, and stay away from schools.


Lamanai Pyramind

The 960-acre Lamanai is reportedly the longest-occupied Mayan site in the world. Take a tour up the steps of the High Temple, check out the ancient royal artifacts in the Mask Temple, or simply stare in awe at the pyramids and plazas built by a civilization that traces back as far as 1500 B.C.

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After getting some exercise – and your mind blown – from climbing up the stairs of an ancient Mayan temple, spend the day relaxing on the 25-mile long island of Ambergis Caye. From snorkeling along the barrier reef, to having lunch in full view of the beach, to exploring the town of San Pedro by golf cart, Ambergis Caye will not disappoint.

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To connect more with nature, check out the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary where everything from jaguars to vultures and other protected species call home. The 150-mile sanctuary offers 12 miles of hiking trails where visitors can experience waterfalls, a tropical forest, and true biodiversity in the many species of exotic plants, birds, reptiles and other animals living there. Visit for the day or camp overnight.

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