The Rules:

Recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon, as long as you have a government-issued ID stating you are over the age of 21. Legally, you can only consume marijuana in private. However, at many events in Oregon you will see citizens openly consuming in public as a form of civil disobedience. We do not recommend breaking the law, but just walking around downtown Portland you will most likely see someone violating the public consumption law.

Best Spot to Cure the Munchies:

Portland is famous for its food truck and food cart culture, with over 500 food carts out at any given time, so basically, EVERYWHERE is a good place to get the munchies. With options ranging from Bento Boxes to Burritos, it can be hard to choose what’s for lunch… but you could always take an official tour of the best food carts in Portland, leaving daily around lunchtime! Check out foodie heaven with

Best Place to get the Giggles:

If you are as addicted to baby animal YouTube videos as we are, then we don’t have to tell you why a trip to the Oregon Zoo would be a hilariously awesome field trip. With 64 acres of sustainable zoo to explore, you can see almost 2000 animals or over 1000 species of exotic plants!

Best Moment of Zen:

The Portland Japanese Garden is one of only a few traditional Japanese Gardens outside of Japan, and it  encompasses 5.5 acres of tranquil garden space. Stroll over the moon bridge and through the various garden landscapes, gaze at the colorful foliage, and take in the peaceful ambiance. Be sure to hit the vape before you enter, as no smoking, cell phones or refreshments are allowed inside.

Best Outdoor Adventure:

If you are a fan of greenery (and we know you are) then hiking the trails outside of Portland will blow your mind! From lush rainforest vibes to waterfalls and river vistas, there’s a hike for everyone, just minutes from downtown Portland. View some of the most iconic hikes in Portland recommended by Oregon Live.

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