Maui is one of the dreamiest destinations out there, with its beautiful beaches, sunsets and views. But, since recreational cannabis hasn’t been approved yet, there are some things you’ll need to know before venturing into your next adventure. Weedguide has put together this quick travel guide to get you ready for your Maui vacation!

What’s Legal

Hawaii’s reputation as the source of cannabis strains like Maui Wowie might give you the impression that it’s a weed mecca, but in reality cannabis is not recreationally legal there. Medical cannabis was approved by the state in 2000 and is legal only for individuals with qualifying debilitating conditions. Residency isn’t required to receive a recommendation, yet Hawaii doesn’t currently honor medical cannabis cards from other states. So if you want to consume legally the program stipulates that you see a certifying physician to determine your eligibility, complete your application and pay the application and administrative fees.

The doctor reviews and certifies the application before submitting it to the Department of Health, and if approved the card is sent to you directly. Public consumption of cannabis is not allowed in public, so be sure to enjoy your herb in a private residence away from public view.

Places to Stay

With such a restricted medical program, cannabis hospitality may not be as prevalent as you might expect, but it does exist. The weed-friendliest places to stay are going to be private vacation rentals with the added benefit that your host may have the inside scoop on how to get your medicine. If you decide to stay at a hotel or resort, check with hotel staff for direction on where can consume on the property.

Elevated Experiences

Dispensaries in Hawaii finally started selling legal cannabis in 2017 when Maui Grown was the first to open – begin your journey there to pick up flower, concentrates, and everything in between. Find additional dispensaries and doctors here.

Ohe'o Gulch Maui

Before your edible kicks in, begin your hike to Ohe’o Gulch then reward yourself with the dip in the pools. If chilling at the beach is more your speed, spend the day soaking in the sun at Paia Bay then have a leisurely meal in the former plantation village’s many restaurants. There’s no shortage of beautiful views all over Maui but remember, cannabis is federally illegal so avoid bringing herb with you to any national parks or military bases.

Make it a Business Trip

While no one wants to do work while on vacation, adding in a conference or event could be a great way to justify a few extra days of island time. The Maui Cannabis Conference (held January 6-7, 2018) is an event to promote cannabis awareness, explore the medical benefits of cannabis and network with cannabis industry leaders. Open to the public without a medical card, expect this event and others like it to continue.  Find more Hawaiian Cannabis Events.

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