Dreaming of an excursion to the beautiful island country of Jamaica? Interested in partaking in some local cannabis experiences once you arrive? Use this handy travel guide to help you plan your trip!

What’s Legal:

While Jamaica has a pretty solid reputation for being the epicenter of cannabis culture, weed was actually illegal until the passage of decriminalization laws in 2015. It is a petty offense for locals to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis and they are allowed to cultivate up to 5 plants for personal use. Residents over the age of 18 are allowed to take ganja for medical, therapeutic or scientific reasons, and as practitioners of the Rastafarian religion for ceremonial purposes.

Tourists who wish to legally purchase and consume cannabis will need to bring a medical card from their home countries, or sign a voluntary declaration and obtain a medical marijuana permit from the Ministry of Health. Smoking ganja in public is not allowed and can result in a ticket.

Best Places to Stay:

Jamaica cannabis-friendly guest houseBud and Breakfast is all about weed-friendliness, listing everything from hostels to private villas around the island that are more than happy to accommodate the cannabis traveller. Hotbox Jamaica offers a “420 home away from home” that includes medicated meals, ganja tours and plenty of onsite chill spaces for you to enjoy that local herb.

Kush Tourism is another fantastic resource. We’re in love with The Calabash House Guest House and Cottages where you can smoke almost anywhere, including the outdoor open-air shower! What could be more relaxing and invigorating?


Blue Hole Mineral Spring Jamaica

Elevated Experiences:

Pay a visit to Kaya Herbhouse Jamaica’s first legal dispensary, which also happens to be a cannabis farm and café. Once you’re suitably stocked up, savor the euphoria by jumping into the cool waters or bathing in the mud of Blue Hole Mineral Spring in Negril. At night, the organisms in the glowy Glistening Waters are sure to blow your mind. But if nothing else, pay a visit to at least one of Jamaica’s incredible beaches and brace yourself for what is bound to be a spiritual awakening.

Featured Photo Courtesy of: Bluehole Mineral Spring

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