Cannabis in Spain

Is Spain on your bucket list of 420-friendly countries to visit? Get the 411 on Spain’s private cannabis social clubs and the best beaches, neighborhoods and museums to explore when planning your Spanish excursion.


It’s illegal in Spain to sell cannabis, and possessing or consuming herb in public is punishable by fine, but that’s about the extent of the country’s on-the-book regulations. While not explicitly legal, private personal consumption is decriminalized so there’s no prosecution for consuming weed as long as you’re not in public. As a result, hundreds of private cannabis social clubs have opened all over Spain, providing cannassuers with designated spaces for acquiring and enjoying their weed privately and leading to the country’s reputation as the “New Amsterdam”.

Private cannabis clubs are non-profit businesses that require paid membership, and just as every region in Spain is allowed to determine its own cannabis regulations, each club establishes its own policies and rules. Clubs aren’t allowed to advertise, so a tourist seeking membership must be invited by a current member or request membership from the club directly. These requests are subject to approval, and once approved you could be required to wait as long as 15 days before you can actually make a purchase, so be sure to plan ahead. Members must be prepared to show government-issued ID to prove they are adults – whether over the age of 18 or 21 is up to the club – and if you’re with a group, each individual must seek their own membership because no one is allowed to bring a guest.

Once inside a club, you can acquire (not “buy”, since weed sales are illegal; this distinction is important) a limited amount of cannabis and consume it onsite in private, away from public view. As with consumption, possession in public could get you into trouble so if you want to take your weed to a friend’s house, make sure it’s well hidden on your body while you’re in transit.


Spain’s restrictions on public possession and consumption make private rentals or staying with a friend the best bets for cannabis tourists.


Since you can’t consume cannabis publicly in Spain, you might not want to risk bringing a joint to the multitude of beautiful sights around the country, but you can consume before you venture out.

Have a toke before visiting La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and get your mind blown over more than 135-year construction still in progress.

La Sagrada Familia

Spain BeachAfter a sesh, soak in the local culture by walking the neighborhoods, visiting the museums and exploring the cuisine of cities like Madrid and Seville. Or set off for adventure by leaving the mainland and heading to the Canary Islands or Ibiza for some time on the beach.

For 420-specific activities, check out Spannabis, a 3-day tradeshow held every spring in Barcelona in celebration of all things weed. And of course, requesting membership for and visiting the private cannabis clubs in a variety of towns across the country will give you the opportunity to consume everywhere, giving you insight into what each city’s local cannabis culture is all about. Barcelona alone reportedly has over 400 of them so get to work!

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