Summer has officially arrived and so has road trip season! Maybe you’re already one of the countless travelers packing up their cars, motorcycles, trailers or RVs hitting the road to seeking adventure on campsites, beaches, amusement parks or a friend’s backyard. Whatever the mode or destination, for medical cannabis patients and those living the cannabis lifestyle, there’s a little more to consider than which swimsuit to bring. So here are some things to keep in mind before you head out to get your kicks on route 66.


When you live in a state where cannabis is legal for medicinal or recreational use, it’s easy to forget that this isn’t the case everywhere. Before you plan a multi-state jaunt, be sure to research the cannabis laws in the location where you’re headed. One state’s law may only allow residents of that state to register as patients, while another’s might accommodate a blooming adult-use cannabis tourism industry. If it’s important that you be able to consume during your trip, do the research beforehand because you just never know – it could result in your having to choose a different destination entirely.

If your plan was to bring a couple Candyland spliffs along on the cross-country drive to your best friend’s lake cabin, slow your roll. No matter your home state’s legalization status, cannabis is still a federal Schedule 1 substance which means it’s a crime to cross state lines with it in your possession. And even though Canada just made recreational weed legal and Mexico has its own medical program, if border patrol finds your pre-rolls you could be in some serious trouble.


With over half the country having some form of legalization in place, throwing your stash in the trunk and following the road right in your home state might be the ideal solution. Road tripping in-state ensures that you get to consume without crossing state lines, but it’s always wise to brush up on your home state’s laws to verify what’s legal. In terms of consumption, for example, not every legal state allows for flower and edibles, and most likely there are limits to the amount of cannabis you can possess. If you are a medical patient, bring copies of your registration to have on-hand if needed. In adult-use states, a government issued license or ID is necessary to prove your age.

Exploring the wonders that your home state has to offer can open up all kinds of possibilities. Take a drive on the coast and make stops along the way to soak in beautiful roadside views. Research the coolest campsites and make your way to each one over the course of a few days, maybe even weeks. Find a bunch of dispensaries in different towns and pay each one a visit. But whatever your plan, be mindful that cannabis is not allowed on federal property. So if your roadside vista or campsite is part of a national monument or federal highway, keep that blunt tucked away and smoke elsewhere.


While we know that cannabis makes the great outdoors even better, the reality is that the different rules governing weed nationwide can make bringing it with you on a road trip difficult. This is when microdosing can come in handy. Having a low-dose gummi before you head to a national monument or a tincture before hitting the beach can give you that side of euphoria without the public being any the wiser. Depending on the dosage the right edible can make you feel amazing for at least a few hours, which may be all the time you need to enjoy a hike, a sunset, or an evening by the campfire. You’ll want to be careful not to drive impaired so be prepared in advance to have someone else do the driving, or call a taxi.

Cannabis can make any summer road trip extra special despite our having so many rules to live by. What are your 420 road trip plans? Tell us on Instagram.

Kaisha is a content writer specializing in the cannabis industry. Judging by her social media, she’s super into cats and Jeff Goldblum.