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Ever wonder which occupational fields are most inclined to consume cannabis? Football is a rough and rugged game, but medicinal marijuana might offer a post-playing career salve for today’s modern-day gladiators. You might be surprised to find out that there was a special strain made available for…The Royal Wedding?! Also, Vegas now has a whole new attraction to entice visitors to the desert playground.

Cannabis at Work?

cannabis workYou’ve probably wondered which lines of work feature the most cannabis consumers. Even if you haven’t, the good folks at The Cannabist have done some serious research on cannabis at work. More accurately, it was the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that released an official study on this fascinating topic. From a group of 10,169 adults in the Mile-High state, some 14.6% self-reported current marijuana use. Food services took the top spot with 30.1% prevalence of use, while artists clocked in at number two with 28.3% prevalence. The rest of the occupational cannabis list just might surprise you.

A Royal High

Megan MarkleYour Royal Strain is Ready, Your Highness. According to a report in The UK Independent, the nephew of California-grown Meghan Markle has revealed that he is currently developing a “special strain” of cannabis to celebrate her impending Royal Wedding to England’s charming Prince Harry (maybe we should call him Harry Potter?) at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018. This won’t be anything like that bloody “Red Wedding” on Game of Thrones, but it could offer some similar highs. The report says that Tyler Dooley, an Oregon cannabis grower, is carefully crafting a rather potent hybrid code-named “Markle’s Sparkle.” Now that sounds like fun, yes?

Vegas, Baby…

From wild pool parties to endless hot spots to the hottest expansion team in pro sports history, Las Vegas offers unlimited opportunities to indulge. Now, a whole new option has been added in “Sin City,” thanks to the debut of “Cannabition” in the heart of the old-school sprawl of Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the cleverly-named Cannabition will open this summer (July, to be exact) in Neonopolis at 450 Fremont St., in downtown Las Vegas (also known as The O.G. Las Vegas Strip). The museum will feature a 360-degree theater, the world’s largest blown-glass bong (22 feet), and more. Tickets for admission will start at, you guessed it, $4.20.

Tackling Deadly Brain Diseases Head-On

footballFootball can be a savage sport. As more evidence mounts to chronicle the long-term damage suffered by our modern-day gladiators, it becomes clearer that cannabis may offer at least a brief respite from the post-gridiron pain. The Fresh Toast report over at The New York Daily News took a closer look at this hard-hitting subject, detailing how cannabis can help guard against the ravages of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) experienced by NFL players. You might be surprised at just how cannabis can work to stave off CTE’s hardest-hitting effects.


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