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Want to become a successful cannabis entrepreneur? If you’ve ever had a genius idea while high, Harvard is now showing research to support this theory. If you want to make it a reality, now is your chance! A new show is currently accepting applications for The Next Marijuana Millionaire and we’ve got the dirt on how to brand your cannabis product. Plus, find out the best methods for storing your stash.

How Fresh is your Stash?

Cannabis Storage from CV

Ever found a joint in a sock drawer and wondered how long it’s been stashed there? Does weed have an expiration date?  Global News says that a year is the standard. Any longer than that causes the flowers to degrade and lose their fresh aroma and lessen the buzz you’re seeking. Where you store your cannabis is also important. It’s best kept in dark, dry places in airtight containers, which can extend shelf life while masking the smell. High Times named the CVault its top pick because it’s airtight and comes with a humidifier. Will you go with a traditional Mason Jar, avoid suspicion with a sneaky Lint Roller Stash Can, or trust the mega CVault to ensure optimum dankness?

Standout Pot Packaging

Lola-Lola packaging

Are you attracted to the luxurious, whimsical, natural or retro branding? Differentiating cannabis products to stay competitive at retail is becoming a necessity as the industry expands. The Drum reports that people are turning to brands that have aesthetically pleasing packaging first and fancying the product second.  Canndescent stands out with branding so glorious you feel like attending an afternoon high tea. Products come with all the fixins including rolling papers, hemp wicks and matches.  Kiva Confections is going for the natural and clean kraft packaging for their edibles line, and Lola Lola combines psychedelic inspiration with a modern 3D pop art look. 

A Moment of Genius

Ever experienced moment of pure genius while high? Turns out there may be some truth to these brilliant ideas that are cultivated while stoned. Herb reports that states with more laid back policies on cannabis have a 22% increase of inventive ideas. Why? It could be a combination of factors, including more diverse communities, which inspire more creativity. Next time you feel a genius idea bubbling to the surface (or was that just your bong?), remember that you’re in good company. Pablo Picasso and George Washington are among the many famous stoners in history, according to Bro Bible.

Could you Be the Next Marijuana Millionaire?

Calling all aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs looking to make millions…Now’s your chance to crush the competition. Big Mike, owner of Advanced Nutrients and one of the most successful cannabis entrepreneurs in the world, is taking applications for The Next Marijuana Millionaire.  The show will be similar to Shark Tank and featured on YouTube. Benzinga outlines the qualifications for applications, which are being accepted through 4/20, 2018. The winner will receive $1 Million and a partnership with Big Mike to blaze forth in their own cannabis empire. Are you up for the challenge?  

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