10 Athletes who advocate Medical Marijuana in Sports


Since winning two Super Bowl titles as starting quarterback with the Chicago Bears back in the 80’s, Jim McMahon has been a vocal advocate for medical marijuana in the NFL.

McMahon, now 57, has publicly opened up about his struggle with depression, memory loss, headaches as well as early on-set dementia which he attributes to the concussions he received on the field.

Before discovering the benefits of medical cannabis, McMahon relied on narcotic painkillers throughout his career. He has since stated that he believes he would be in much better health today if his symptoms had been treated with cannabis instead of narcotics.

Kyle Turley

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Turley claimed that medical marijuana saved his life, after he developed an addiction to painkillers from his eight years playing offensive lineman in the NFL.

Turley has openly criticized the NFL medical staff’s over-reliance on painkillers, claiming that they gave them out to players “like candy” after games.

Turley was one of 500 former players to sign onto a lawsuit against the NFL for over prescribing harmful painkillers without considering the consequences the players would face after retirement.

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