10 Best Rolling Papers For Weed In 2018

Saturday, Apr 7, 2018

Our fourth place goes to King Palm for their hand-rolled leaf free of tobacco additives and glue. These hand rolled leaves hold .8 of a gram of cannabis. These are perfect for those who care about their health and want a product that is free of chemicals and preservatives. I smoke more than a few King palm wraps and can comment that it burns very smooth and slow. The corn husk filter that comes with these joints are some of the best I ever experienced. The design of the King palm leaf with its corn husk is brilliant. We highly recommend for those who want a clean, smooth burn when smoking their cannabis.

A friend of mine had one of these on his birthday. I was lucky enough to try a couple of these and was impressed. I couldn’t believe how smooth and slow these burned. I highly recommend these as a gift for anyone who has a friend who smokes cannabis. I’ll definitely buy these in the future because of how great of a smoking experience they provided. My local dispensary in the bay area sells these for $15 each.