10 Lessons I Learned Traveling the World Alone


Before I began my one-year master’s program, I decided to embark on a solo trip. Maybe because at 20, we still aren’t fully formed individuals yet—we still have so much to see, do and discover about ourselves—but traveling alone can be a scary thing no matter your age or gender. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your trip is the mind-blowing, soul-searching adventure it’s meant to be.

1. Pick a Good Destination

This might not be the best time to hit up Ibiza or Mykonos. I am all for gender equality, but this especially applies if you are female. Pick a place with plenty of activities or scenery that is easy to do in the day as well as a place that is generally experiencing peace and have low crime rates.

2. Know your Way Back to Where You’re Staying

Don’t openly carry a map at any time of day or night because it attracts pickpockets. If you don’t have data or an offline version of Google Maps, take pictures of the route on your phone and then pretend to text. Always look confident even when you have no idea where you are going.