10 Tips on How to NOT Smell Like Weed - Mary Jane's Diary

Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

Most smokers like the smell of weed, but that doesn’t mean they always want to walk around smelling like weed. Whatever your reason, if you want to learn some simple tips to keep from reeking of pot then you’ve found the right place.

If you’re smoking outside then this is the number one thing you can do to keep yourself from smelling like weed. It’s simple, I know, but we don’t always think about these things when the smoke sesh is happening. Try to stay aware of where the smoke is blowing and don’t be in that spot.

Another tip is to tilt your head up and blow the smoke into the hair. The hot smoke will rise and this will keep you from bathing in the smell. This tip is especially useful on days with no wind.

This is another obvious answer, but one that gets ignored pretty often anyway. If you’re smoking weed inside then do whatever you can to vent the smoke away. Here are a few tips:

Open a window. Bonus points if you put a fan facing out the window. You can blow into the back of the fan and it will carry most of the smoke outside. Turn on the ceiling fan. This will make it more difficult to blow smoke rings, but it will prevent you from sitting in thick clouds of smoke in a stale room. Turn on vent fans. These are typically located above the stove, in bathrooms, and some attics. Blow the smoke up the chimney. This method doesn’t work quite as well as just blowing it out the window, but it is an option if you find yourself inside a place with no windows and a chimney.

This idea dates back to old men wearing a protective jacket so their clothes wouldn’t smell like cigars. While the old school style isn’t necessary it is a really good idea to keep a piece of outerwear that you can put on just to smoke. Then, when you take it off you have your fresh clothes underneath.