10 Weird and wonderful ways to consume cannabis

Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

For many, smoking a joint or a bowl is the usual way for consuming cannabis. But if you’re looking for an easier way to consume cannabidiol (CBD) without taking in the harmful effects of smoke, looking for a stronger dose, or just looking for a fun way to consume the next time you’re with your friends, you’re going to want to check out these top ten weird and wonderful ways to consume cannabis.

Potent Rope

Potent Rope is an edible rope that soon, users will be able to print all on their own if they have access to a 3D printer. The idea came from Paige Colen and Ashley Herr, two sisters that wanted to make it easier for medical marijuana patients to measure out the exact dose they need. Potent Rope takes dry cannabis oil, which contains cannabidiol as well as THC, and then mixing it with a thermoplastic. This type of plastic is found in many products on the market and has been FDA-approved, so it’s completely safe for medical marijuana patients and others to use.

Potent Rope isn’t available just yet, but it’s coming. Paige and Ashley are already lined up to have it available in dispensaries within two states where medical marijuana is legal by the end of the year. From there, they want to move it into every other legal state.