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Monday, Apr 9, 2018

Maybe that’s what Malia was smoking at Lollapalooza?

This woman has been fighting for freedom to use plants for over 40 years, publishing books in both French and English. And unsurprisingly, she has a love for cannabis. She’s written books all about using cannabis and growing cannabis and became the very good friend of Dutch breeders, Sensi Seeds. Sensi named a strain in honour of her work in the field of cannabis, called Michka.

Jack Herer is one of the most popular sativa strains in the USA and is named after one of the most influential activists. He is most popular for a book he published in 1985 titled The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Even though the movement has come is far in the USA, this book is still hugely influential in the fight to decriminalize.

Because Sensi Seeds likes to get people high at the same time as educating the public on important figures, they are the creators of this strain. Jack Herer went on to be the parent of many other strains of marijuana for its wonderful genetic profile.