18 Careers In Cannabis That You Can Have Now

Thursday, Aug 22, 2019

Cannabis is having an explosive moment in nearly every aspect of the industry (except for possession-related incarcerations). The good news is that there is room for just about everyone in this potentially lucrative and truly exciting field. If you can imagine a job in cannabis, it most likely exists and is hiring, and if it doesn’t, you can probably create it. So if you’ve been thinking of switching careers, it may be high time. Be it sales, marketing, green thumbs—there is even room for part-time and retired people and folks of all backgrounds and levels of education. The sky is the limit for growth potential, literally and metaphorically, in the cannabis sector. Read on to see some available positions and companies hiring now.

Sales, Operations, Management

Nearly every cannabis company on the planet is hiring in sales. Though it may sound daunting to those who aren’t inclined towards this area of work, selling things can be exceptionally easy, especially when you have a great product and know where to find people who want it. Working in sales entails bringing those two things together, as well as being able to hear “no” a lot, and not take it personally.