3 Secrets to Making Awesome Marijuana Edibles


Making edibles is not only a way to just making medicine, but also enjoyable and can be easy to do.  If you follow my directions for making edibles you will have a more balanced medicating experience so that you can ensure that the dosage will be correct and consistent for you.



Looking through the notes I have collected during the writing phase of my book, from multiple sources including Health Canada, the dosing information has not really been studied. All information is “user dependant” meaning that it’s very individualised.  Trial and error is the key for figuring out your own dosing.  Unlike pharmaceutical medications that use height, body weight, and tolerance levels of the patient are used to determine what dosage of a drug you will be given, cannabis has some different factors to figure out dosage. 



First you must figure out the THC and CDB percentages, most medical users will be able to get this information from their licensed suppliers, as the cannabis must go to a lab to determine the strain strength. The average dosage for a new medical user is suggested to be about 5mg per dose.  That being said, the dosage may be just right, or due to body and tolerance levels, different for everyone, you may need to increase the potency of your medicine.

Before you get baked, bake your bud. The higher the fat content, the better Don’t just hit the sweets to medicate