3 Tips To Ensure You Get Your Cannabis Cultivation License


It’s a long road from marijuana producer application to making big money in the cannabis industry. Many sadly just won’t make it. Wish you knew how to make sure cannabis cultivation license application is accepted? We’ve got you covered!

This article is going to give you helpful tips for winning a marijuana cultivation license in the United States or Canada. The cannabis and hemp industry is tough and full of big competitors. Make sure you do these 10 things to get ahead of the game so you can get your weed to market before the competition.

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Everyone wants to get into the cannabis industry now. That means your application needs to stand out. More than just having a passion and talent for growing marijuana, your operation has to have an edge. Otherwise, your application might just get tossed into the pile of other lackluster producers.

What makes a cannabis cultivator’s license application stand out? Beyond having a great outline and business plan, you need a great team, adequate facilities, unbeatable products, and socio-community benefits. 

Are your equipment costs realistic Do you have sufficient working capital How will you manage your inventory What’s your marketing plan and is it legal Will the business plan be successful, and more importantly, is it believable Photo Credit Standard operating procedures A solid business plan Details of seed to sale record keeping and tracking solutions Photo Credit Photo Credit Don’t put anyone with a history of growing weed illegally on your application Don’t put a small time grower on your multi-million dollar license application Prepare and start early Budget anywhere from $150,000-$250,000 just for the application process. You’ll also need capital investment and working capital to see you through to profitable operations