4 Advantages to Integrating Cannabis Dispensary Software - IndicaOnline

Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018

Every marijuana retailer can benefit from integrating their cannabis dispensary software with other digital technology. Doing so not only saves man hours but will improve customer satisfaction across the board.

Today, we’ll cover some the biggest advantages of integrating cannabis dispensary software for your marijuana business.

Up-To-Date Menu

One of the best parts of using a sophisticated dispensary POS software is the ability to integrate your inventory with your website menu. Simply installing a woocommerce plugin for your WordPress website will sync your current stock and automatically update your online product listing.

Not only does integrating cannabis dispensary software save employees from constantly updating the menu, but it will prevent customers from being misled. Since often times clientele will browse online menus before ever entering a cannabis retailer, making sure the information is correct will avoid embarrassing out-of-stock incidents.