5 Best Carb Cap Dabbers - Hail Mary Jane ®


Wax concentrates are exploding in popularity as more cannabis consumers discover dabbing, the art of delicately burning your wax into a thick, flavor-filled vapor. Many people prefer dabbing because the wax is typically of a higher concentration than herb, so when you get just the right hit, it’s much stronger than a joint. However, dabbing can pose some challenges and difficulties, as it’s a bit more difficult than just putting a flame to the flower.

If you’ve ever smoked concentrates, you likely already know that the best way to get the strongest, smoothest flavor of your wax with every dab is to heat your product at the lowest temperature possible. When using a nail that you’re heating yourself, this can be an incredibly tricky and exact science. With too hot of a nail you’re going to toast and sizzle it, with too low of a nail you risk melting it into a pool of liquid with none of the effects coming your way. This is a great way to waste wax, time, and money, which is the last thing you want to do with your precious liquid gold.

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