5 Best Strains to Dabble in Dabs


If you haven’t smoked shatter before and are looking for a smooth, sweet hit with a heady high that translates flawlessly from its flower, look no further than Candyland. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Candyland’s stimulating and energetic effects translate well to a dab that usually runs the risk of tiring you out quickly. Candyland is the perfect introductory oil for any first time dabbers.


Jillybean is not only one of the best tasting strains to smoke when in flower form, it also retains its signature creamy fruity taste when converted into a concentrate. Even though it’s known for its great smell and orange-heavy flavor, the strain itself offers a happy and mellow high. It's perfect for the social daytime smoker. This hybrid strain is borne of the creamsicle tasting Orange Velvet and the intense, heady Space Queen, and it carries with it all of the aspects that make those strains recognizable to regular users. I would recommend Jillybean for daytime use for an experienced dabber.