5 Cannabis Accessories for an Elevated Experience

Monday, Feb 25, 2019

If you are new to the cannabis world, then you may still be getting your head around all of the different ways you can enjoy nature’s most excellent flower! However, for those of you who are seasoned pot users, we understand all too well how easy it can be to get carried away with gadgets and the newest weed accessories!

Whether you are a lover of the humble joint or love an all-singing, all-dancing piece of kit to get high with, nobody can deny that there is nothing quite like getting a shiny new cannabis accessory. In honor of that, today we are going to be taking a look at five cannabis accessories that take your sesh experience above and beyond!

So, prepare your bank balance, because you’re not going to be able to say no to some of these…

Before we jump into the good stuff, let’s first address what we actually mean by cannabis accessory. No, we don’t just mean rolling papers! Cannabis accessories can mean anything from pipes to bongs, rigs to grinders, and trust us; there is A LOT out there to choose from.

Choose from RAW 1 ¼ and Lean Loader or the RAW Kingsize Loader for those quiet nights in or when you are hosting a social gathering. With ECM earth plastic for more efficient degrading, this is an environmentally friendly way to spruce up your joints. Easy to use, lightweight, and affordable, the RAWLING joint loaders mean you can fill a joint in less than 7.2 seconds – less time fiddling, more time enjoying! Offers four unique user-heating settings for a personalized experience. 20-second heat up time, no more wasting precious time! Intelligent temperature calibration, take out the guesswork and let the rig do it for you! LED light band/Haptic feedback for a wonderful smoke. Fast charging/long lasting. Clearer taste, clearer potency. Digitally controlled bending Steel material with powder finish Electric Blue or Tetra Peach colorways Created using sustainably sourced solid wood, quality pours out of this product. Specially patented Micropore Core technology to keep your weed at the ideal humidity. Stunning plywood packaging. German-made precision hygrometer. Perfect design for fitting in-hand Choose from a stunning teal or peach Stoneware and glaze material Handmade