5 Common Myths About CBD


Thanks to medical cannabis use, CBD has been getting the attention it deserves. For decades, cultivators have been breeding cannabis to get more THC, the compound responsible for its psychoactive effects. The higher the better, they used to say.



Today that is no longer necessarily true. While THC has many of its own significant medicinal benefits, CBD may be the cannabinoid that holds the key to legalization. We’ve now seen a surge of strains that are bred for its CBD content alone, such as the famous Charlotte’s Web which is particularly effective at treating epilepsy and seizures. CBD oil is also becoming more popular, as well as many other CBD products.



Awareness about the benefits of CBD is important, since there are still anti-cannabis advocates who continue to spread lies about this important cannabinoid.


These are the most common myths about CBD that need to be dispelled:


All CBD is created equal.


According to some naysayers, CBD is the same no matter where it comes from. Whether you are consuming cannabis by smoking it, or taking CBD oil derived from hemp, the body can’t tell where it comes from. The truth is that it matters where CBD comes from because CBD derived from hemp isn’t the best source of effective CBD compounds, even if you’re talking about optimally-grown hemp.